PSYCON by Varun T


Published: April 25th 2017 by Notion Press

Read Date: June 28th 2017

Stars: 5/5

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PSYCON is debut novel by Varun on political thriller. I loved that cover. Isn’t it so interesting?

Blurb (in my words):

2 cons Prateek and Yashwardhan, Chartered Accountants, forms PSYCON, work to assist ruling party with a mission of collecting humongous fund from businessmen. They successfully extort money from 7 businessmen, who were a black money hoarder, and make a fortune. But their fortune takes unfortunate event when CBI steps in. The businessmen they have dealt with are missing and one of them was powerful men in nation.

Will these cons be able to escape ruthless CBI officer Kaamte?

My view:

I have to fight with my husband to read this book. The story was his kind. He is so much interested in political topics and knows more than me. At the end I knew he is never going to read it and will have to me tell him whole story. :/

The story is about how 2 cons has taken the route from IT department to ruling party of India, how they managed to shell out money and hit the windfall, and how they will survive the pressure of CBI.

Characters- I don’t know if author has written these characters keeping in mind the cast of special 26 (a Bollywood movie). If this book is made in movie, I could totally imagine the same cast in this story. No really, Prateek, Yash, and Kaamte did sound so. Back to book, I’m not going to discuss movie and compare it with the character.

Prateek was smart and all brain in the book. Yash was brilliant in communication and dealing. Kaamte, ruthless CBI officer who will go to any legth to find out missing Businessman. All these 3 main characters were amazing.

What I liked? Interrogation of Prateek and Yash at CBI HQ was perfect start of the book. It created tension at the very beginning and hooked me to the book. Narration by Yash about how PSCYCON worked, for what and whom, extorting money from 7 business and all research they did as a tax evaders was brilliant. It was the eclectic mix of true stories, that happened in India and we read in newspapers, with fictional touch in this book- adulteration, illegal supply of by-products for alcohol manufacturing, gaurakshak cases, converting dowry to Stree Dhan, and Triple Talaq. Financial and political aspects in the book was nicely explained. I’m not most interested person in politics and the least I understand financial thing, though book made a person like me interested in the story. It took little extra time for me to understand it properly.

All extortion was very exciting and finding main culprit the given time frame given was very thrilling. Eventually blame narrowed down to 2 persons that was predictable, yet the twist and turns were totally unpredictable. And finally the end was a total surprise.

I liked footnotes too. Though it was not required for Indian readers but, for Non-Indian reader, it will be helpful. Great plot, good storyline, I could not find any fault in the book, it was through and through very clear.

Overall, thought-provoking political thriller.

Who should read it? Those who love political thriller.


Author: Varun T

Publisher: Notion Press

Author’s page on Amazon

*** Note: I won this book in Goodreads Giveaway. I’m glad I got a chance to read this book. ***

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Happy Reading! 🙂


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