How to Win an Election
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How To Win An Election by Menaka Raman – enjoyable middle grade fiction

How To Win An Election is entertaining and enjoyable middle grade fiction with realistic and relatable approach to middle grade elections.

How To Win An Election

How to Win an Election

How To Win An Election: A Most Unreliable Guide by Menaka Raman

Publication Date : March 4, 2024

Publisher : Duckbill Books

Read Date : May 19, 2024

Genre : Middle Grade / Fiction

Age : 11+

Pages : 232

Source : Many thanks to publisher for review copy.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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The middle school elections are coming up and everyone is in a frenzy of making posters, promises and predictions.

When Sachin is disqualified from contesting the elections, he sets out to help his best friend Mini win. But their path to victory is littered with runaway lizards, incriminating bathroom graffiti, hacked videos and dangerous baked goods.

Which candidate fears Mini so much that they will descend to such villainy? Mini and Sachin must find out―or be disgraced forever.


‘How to Win An Election’ the adventurous election journey of two inseparable middle-grade friends, Sachin and Mini, as they navigate the school politics at Primus Academy. When Sachin’s dream of running for the 8th-grade elections is dashed for not meeting all eligibility criteria, he embraces the role of Mini’s self-appointed campaign manager.

However, their aspirations take an unexpected turn when a series of deliberate sabotages rock the school elections, leading to Sachin being accused for it. Determined to clear their names, the duo embarks on an investigation while battling against antidemocratic culprit.

The narrative is filled with hilarious preteen drama and the charming innocence of adolescence, accompanied by delightful illustrations that breathe life into Sachin and Mini’s world.

Sachin, with his ADHD quirks and irrepressible spirit, emerges as a relatable protagonist whose journey resonates with the challenges and triumphs of youth. His unwavering determination to prove his innocence, coupled with his candid perspective, endears him to readers.

Contrasting Sachin’s spontaneity is Mini, the epitome of perfectionism, whose facade of flawlessness masks deep-seated insecurities stemming from familial discord. Despite her initial lapse in judgment, Mini’s transformation from a timid “Mini Mouse” to a formidable person showcases her resilience and growth, captivating readers with her astute observations and unwavering loyalty.

At its core, ‘How to Win An Election’ features the enduring power of friendship, as Sachin and Mini weather storms of doubt and discord, emerging stronger and united in their pursuit of justice. It perfectly explores neurodivergent representation, how ADHD kids are misconstrued and also resilience and the complexities of adolescence, inviting readers to reflect on the nuances of friendship and the importance of standing up for one’s beliefs.

‘How to Win an Election’ also reflects on the dynamics of authority and the fragility of trust, shedding light on the disparity in treatment within educational institutions, how bright students are always favored while students struggling are subjected to humiliation. There authentic portrayal of middle-grade experiences and its thought-provoking discussion on democracy and leadership.

The whole plot and characters are so well written however, the end turned out unsatisfactory. Mini’s family issue remains unresolved and I didn’t like how her mother reacted to everything. Also we don’t get to see if her mother’s view changed when school declared Sachin and Mini innocent. Also, the school kind of replaced one dictator with another dictator. Don’t they do a background check or something!

Overall, How To Win An Election is entertaining and enjoyable middle grade fiction with realistic and relatable approach to middle grade elections.

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How To Win An Election by Menaka Raman -enjoyable #middlegrade #fiction with realistic and relatable approach to middle grade elections.⭐⭐⭐⭐check out full review –> Share on X
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