#2020BOOKBLOGGERAWARDS : Nominations

Hello Readers! This is first time I’m submitting nominations. I might be living under rock in past 3 years as I missed these awards and failed to submit nominations before. But now that I know bloggers better I feel I should submit nominations this year.

This year  May @ Forever and Everly and Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books are hosting #2020BookBloggerAwards . I’m submitting nomination for only few categories but check their posts, there is huge list of categories to nominate.

** I have double checked but forgive me if I have typed wrong name **


Middle Grade

Katie@Never Not Reading – Her reviews and discussion posts are interesting and thoughtful. I discover new middle grade books through her post and all her posts make me want to get book and discuss it.

Mandy and Sha @ Book Princess Reviews – First thing I loved when I came across their blog was their rating system. I love Disney princess. I couldn’t even think one can describe book reviews and give recommendations through Disney princess. I love reading all their book features and famous tags they created and amazing MG/YA book reviews.

Young Adult

Marie & Nyx @Drizzle and Hurricane – Marie and Nyx both writes brilliant reviews or discussion posts. I like their bullet point review style that are to the point and I often find myself agreeing to their opinion. If they are rating a book 4 or 5 star, I’m sure I will enjoy that book and go in blind. They are very supportive and engaging in community as well. I’m glad I’m following them for long time.

Sofii @ A Book. A Thought. Sofii is great blogger in YA genre. I enjoy reading her fantasy, dystopia and contemporary book reviews which are descriptive and well written. It’s like reading her book journal on blog. Her discussion post were also interesting. And I love her blog design.

Jordann @thebookbloglife – I’m recently following Jordann. She is lovely blogger and our choices are similar when it comes to fantasy and YA books. I like the way she divides reviews in best and worst bits and her recommendation and list post are also great.

Adult Book Blogger

Zoe @ The Boundless Bookworm – She read all fictions and if I’m not wrong all adult fictions. I’m only recently following Zoe’s blog but I have come to like her style and reviews.

Corina @ The Brown Eyed Bookworm – I love Corina’s blog and love to discuss books with her. I’m not following her long but we have a bit similar taste in books. She says she is amateur photographer but don’t believe that, she is amazing photographer. I’m in love with her book photos and bookstagram.

Mairead Hearne @Swirl and Thread – Mairead is not only great adult book blogger but also is supportive. She read exceptional books and her reviews are amazing. I’m really grateful she reads and shares all my posts even though she doesn’t read YA, fantasy books.



Frankie@ Chicks Rogues and Scandals – Frankie read and reviews all kind of romance, specially historical romance. She is is very supportive. I enjoy reading her detailed and beautifully written reviews that makes me want to read more in this genre.

Literary Fiction / Classics / Poetry

Holly @Nut Free Nerd– She is best in this genre. Her review style- in letters to books- is most unique. I love her recommendations and list post as well.

Mystery / Thriller

Eva@Novel deelights – I’m following Eva for long time. I trust her opinion when I want to buy books in this genre and she is most supportive as well. She shares my every single post even though she doesn’t read my favourite genre.

Meggy @Chocolate’n’Waffles – She is not only amazing Mystery/thriller blogger but supportive too. Her review style is different than other bloggers, she let out all emotions she felt while reading book into her reviews. Her positivity posts every Friday are motivating and I loved reading her other posts as well.

Inge@The Belgian Reviewer – I simply love Inge’s reviews in this genre. She also read some women’s fiction. Her reviews are pretty convincing . Many books on my big wish list are because of her stellar reviews and if I find book she recommended available on NetGalley, I don’t even look at my out of control NetGalley shelf.

Fantasy/ Sci-fi

Susy @ Susy’s Cozy World – I don’t know why I missed this category and Susy’s blog as I regularly read her blog and we like to exchange comments and talk about books. Susy reads and reviews many amazing books in this genre and most are the books I never have heard before. I enjoy reading her detailed reviews and her Blame It On the Community feature.


Best Book Reviews

Lashaan @ Bookidote – I recently connected with his and Trang’s amazing blog and I’m kicking myself for not following them ever since I started blogging. Lashaan’s comics, fantasy and sci-fi reviews are brilliant and he is also supportive.

Stephen @ Stephen writes – If you are following him, you must know I don’t need to elaborate why his blog is in this category. All his reviews be it fantasy or mystery/thrillers are written like pro. He writes detailed and compelling reviews and his analysis for each book is just amazing.

Best Book Recommendations

Ludwig’s Thrillers I couldn’t imagine you can write many different kinds of recommendation lists with Mystery/Thrillers until I started following his blog. If you are into Mystery Thriller genre he writes amazing posts and all recommendations post are written amazingly.

Priyasha @ Books and Co. – I enjoy reading her recommendation posts specially all contemporary, LGBTQ, and YA recommendations.

Best Discussion Posts

The Orangutan Librarian – I love all of her reviews and discussion posts . She come up with so many new and creative topics. Usually I’m not sure what should I write in comments but all her posts made me want to comment.

Best Blog Aesthetic

Read by Tiffny – Let’s just admit her blog is eye-pleasing. I love soft colours and she writes amazing posts and I also love her bookstagram pictures.


Most engaged

Shalini @ Shalini’s Books &Reviews – She is one of my favourite person and wonderful friend I have discovered in this community who is most supportive and most engaged blogger. I guess there isn’t a post in which I don’t see her like or comment and she shares posts on Twitter as well. I don’t know how she does that.

Most Supportive

Cathy@Between the Lines ; Yvonne @ Me and My Books – Both Cathy and Yvonne are huge supporter who shares all my posts on Twitter and not just mine but other blogs they follow as well. I’m so grateful for their likes and shares that draws readers to my little blog. 

Best at Promoting Diverse Books

May @ Forever and Everly – May’s blog is difficult to categories. She writes creative posts, great discussion posts, blogging advices, and amazing reviews and recommendations but most of all I like about her blog is her diverse books promotion posts and recommendations.


Best Overall Book Blogger

Pages Unbound Reviews – Krysta and Briana are best blogger whom I’m following from early days of blogging. Their discussions and reviews are amazing and I love their classic remarks feature and whole list of discussion posts. They truly are inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in comments if you are nominating bloggers for 2020BOOKBLOGGERAWARDS or if you are following any of these bloggers.

Happy Reading!

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