The Fake Out
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The Fake Out by Stephanie Archer – spicy fake dating hockey romance

The Fake Out is fun, delightful, heartwarming and spicy fake dating hockey romance.

The Fake Out

The Fake Out (Vancouver Storm #2) by Stephanie Archer

Publication Date : December 7, 2023

Read Date : February 18, 2024

Genre : Romance / Hockey Romance

Pages : 428

Source : Kindle Unlimited

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Behind The Net (Book 1)


The best way to get back at my horrible ex? Fake date Rory Miller–my ex’s rival, the top scorer in pro hockey, and the arrogant, flirtatious hockey player I tutored in high school.

Faking it is fun and addictive, though, and beneath the bad boy swagger, Rory’s sweet, funny, and protective.

He teaches me to skate and spends way too much money on me.

He sleeps in my bed and convinces me to break my just-one-time hookup rule.

He kisses me like it’s real.

And now I wonder if Rory was ever faking it to begin with.

The Fake Out is a pro hockey fake dating romance. It is the second book in the Vancouver Storm series but can be read as a standalone.


The Fake Out is delightful and fun fake dating hockey romance that follows story of Hazel and Rory.

Hazel works as physio for Vancouver Storm team. She has a strict rule of never dating and a one-night stand only once time with one guy. She has been fending off Rory’s flirty onslaught ever since he was traded to Vancouver Storm team but when Hazel’s horrible ex is drafted to the team who is also Rory’s nemesis, Hazel has to put her rules aside.

To get back at her ex and for Rory to make his image as the captain of the team better, they both plan to fake date. But as they get closer the line between fake and real blurs making it hard for both to stick to their rules.

I absolutely loved this from the beginning. The writing is perfect, not slow like the previous book and yet has the right amount of build-up. The plot is filled with banter, entertainment, romance, hockey, and spice. Characters are the heart of the story.

Hazel is burnt by her ex so horribly that it destroyed her trust in relationship. She made a rule to never date a hockey guy or any guy and when she see her ex back, it shake her up badly. I loved her no-nonsense, strong, and bold persona and even more how she faced her ex.

It was amazing to see how she admitted how wrong she was about Rory, learned not to judge him based on past, and how getting closer to Rory not only helped her heal from the past but also gave her the strength to work on getting her own studio. Loved the representation of body positivity/inclusivity through Hazel’s passion for yoga and her issues with her mother. It was inspiring to read her thoughts about the subject throughout the book.

Rory is the best hero. Outside he is cocky and arrogant but inside he is most caring and observant with the softest heart. In the last book, we could see how messed up he was because of his father and playing as he was groomed made him star but now it isn’t making him happy. It amazing to see how being with Hazel not just made him want to be a better person but also to be a better captain and change is game by being a team player. I also loved how relationship with Hazel made him address issues with his parents.

Romance is amazing with hot chemistry, many spicy scenes, and also lots of lovely adorable moments. The way they both left all the layers they were wearing and showed who they were and falling for each other was beautiful. Things they did to make Hazel’s ex jealous were hilarious and all the lingerie Rory bought for Hazel is outstanding. (I hope it inspires my husband a bit. 😂) The most loveliest scenes were buying miniature dragons, skating lessons, Christmas decoration, and presents.

Climax is interesting with anticipation of fight with ex but loved how Rory discarded him. Rory and Hazel’s interaction with their parents was touching and moving. Their confession of love was amazing and also loved Rory’s proposal in the end. can’t wait to read Hayden and Darcy’s story in next book. I have rocky relationship with friends to lovers but I loved Hayden in both books so I hope this one works for me.

Overall, The Fake Out is fun, delightful, heartwarming and spicy fake dating hockey romance.

I recommend The Fake Out if you like,

Fake dating romance
Hockey romance
Ex’s rival
He Falls first
Gift Giving, selfies and texts
Workplace Romance

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fun, delightful, heartwarming and spicy #fakedating #hockeyromance – The Fake Out (Vancouver Storm #2) by Stephanie Archer – check out full review ⬇️ Share on X
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