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Week that went in potty training -Weekly wrap up

Hello Readers! I hope you all are safe and well and don’t have too much cold or snow. Last week had been slow even with the kite festival here. We didn’t much celebrate it. I’m not fan of the festival and I don’t like my already brown skin getting dark by staying on terrace for two days. We usually spend the festival at my mom’s but she was on trip and my brother was tested COVID positive previous week. Thankfully his symptoms were mild and my dad and his wife didn’t caught it but of course we couldn’t go as he was in quarantine.

As the schools are closed again due to increasing cases and we were going to spend long weekend at home, it was high time to potty train my kid before her schools starts again in April. And I tell you it was not as easy as they say on internet. My kid fears toilet and she also refuses to sit on potty seat for kids. It felt like my whole week went in it and I couldn’t do anything else. Looking at how it is progressing it will take 2 more week before i can say she is fully potty trained.

I managed to read 1 book and that too during the night when she went to sleep which means I could only read for an hour after midnight. It’s time when I’m too exhausted and often fall asleep while reading.

Here is what I read last week and what I’ll be reading next-

I read

Beyond the Lavender Fields by Arlem Hawks

I just finished this. It was slow read. I don’t how I managed to read back to back slow historical romance. I’m enjoying this genre these days but I like them steady or fast paced. This was original. I don’t think I read any book set in France before WWI or WWII. This was set in 1790s during the French Revolution against the monarchy. I don’t know anything about this time period and it such tense to read whole situation in France and how it affected the characters’ life. I enjoyed reading both characters, their family dynamics, and life situation, about French revolution, and how amid this tense time period both main characters, one royalist and one révolutionnaire found a common ground to form a friendship that eventually turned into love. It was more exciting to see how it will end. My review will be up on 21st so I’m off to writing it before I start next book.

Next this week

A Secret at Tansy Falls by Cate Woods

The old farmhouse at Tansy Falls. A little patch of paradise in the hills of Vermont. Home to happy couple Connie and Nate. And a long-buried secret that will ignite a devastating spark…

Connie knows she’s been lucky in life. She lives in a place that makes her soul sing—a beautiful red clapboard farmhouse among the daisy-strewn hills of Tansy Falls—with her soulmate Nate, her husband of twenty years.

But while she can still feel the sunshine on her face, there’s a heaviness in her heart that she can’t shake. The laughter and the lingering kisses are beginning to disappear. Ever since Nate lost his job, the man she thought she knew inside out has changed.

Connie knows this happens in long marriages. When Nate forgets her birthday, she’s determined to enjoy her day regardless. But as she blows out the candles on her lemon sponge cake, surrounded by her girlfriends, a stranger arrives and reveals a shocking truth about her husband. Nate is the man Connie has always loved but in just one evening her life changes beyond all recognition.

As Connie looks at the home she loves, and the husband she has known forever sitting beneath the cottonwood tree, she knows that starting over will be the hardest thing she has ever done. But if she doesn’t, will she ever find the woman she is meant to be?

If you love gripping, heartbreaking romantic stories by Elin Hildebrand and Robyn Carr, then you will be hooked by A Secret at Tansy Falls. A completely compelling read about secrets and betrayal that will have you reaching for the tissues.

I enjoyed The Inn at Tansy Falls last year. It was one of my most favorite book and I’m really excited to start this sequel and meet the beautiful setting of Tansy Falls once again.

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat…

  • Have you read any of these books or added to TBR? 
  • What are you reading this week?
  • Does anyone have tip for kid fearing toilet and how to deal with it?

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