It’s Monday! What Are You Reading (74)

Hello Readers!

I’m back to my mom’s place. While my husband is conducting meeting and roaming streets of Boston (and New York in coming weekend), I decided to relax a bit and spend some time with my folks. They missed their granddaughter! But I tell you I don’t get that much time here. I didn’t even opened the flap of my laptop since 2 days, until now. But it’s always fun to boss my younger brother and there are many around to play with my daughter.

In terms of reading, I finished 2 books review 2 that finished previous week.

Last Week I Read-

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I loved Well Met. Right beside you was good, enjoyable but not that impressive. Both reviews will be up later this week.

Currently Reading

I’m not reading anything as of now. As I was not active past two days. Today I will catch up on posts and at the end of the day I will start next book.

Next This week-


Dagger and Scythe spent good decade’s together, stalking human prey at night, and taking out the targets the god Maniodes deems worthy. With one hundred years under her belt, Scythe is comfortable in her ways, and takes incredible enjoyment of her skills. Dagger may be new to the undead order, but he’s relishing in the work. The two of them together set beautiful bonfires, with the occasional corpse inside that fire.

When they enjoy each other’s time a little too much, and an entire village burns down because of it, Maniodes becomes sick of their rogue behavior. Regular punishments haven’t worked on either of them, so he tries something new: marrying them to each other. To keep each other in line or they’ll both end up properly dead.

Both have grown tired of the god’s odd punishments and lazy control, taking over his throne and the land of the dead should fix things.

Her scythe is perfectly curved for slicing.
His dagger, made of folded steel, is ready to strike.
But are they strong enough to take on gods? 

I read first book in this series, I quiet enjoyed the writing and unique plot. As far as I can tell from the synopsis, this is not exactly sequel but a filler of some points that were mentioned in first one. Let’s see if I’m right.

That’s it for the week. If (big if) I can finish this book by Friday, I’ll start another this weekend but I haven’t decided which yet.

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these books or planning to read soon? What do you think about them? 
Share you thoughts in comment-box below.



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