wizard of oz retelling
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Crow by Candace Robinson, Amber R. Duell – thrilling, adventurous wizard of oz retelling

Crow was thrilling, adventurous, and enticing dark fantasy, an amazing wizard of oz retelling

wizard of oz retelling

Crow (Faeries of Oz #2) by Candace Robinson, Amber R. Duell

Publication Date : February 17th 2021

Publisher : Midnight Tide Publishing

Genre : Dark Fantasy / Retelling

Pages : 218

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Reva spent the last twenty years in her own purgatory, first as the Wicked Witch of the West, then banished to eternity in darkness. Now that she’s returned from oblivion, Reva’s out for blood. The Northern Witch, Locasta, destroyed Reva’s life out of jealousy over Crow. But Reva’s love for him is gone, replaced only with the desire for revenge.

Crow wasted years trying to distract his mind after the Wicked Witch—his true love—was vanquished. He’d thought Reva was lost forever until magic brought her back, though their reunion was anything but happy. Reva hates him now as much as she loved him then. He can’t blame her—his former lover cursed them both and stole their daughter away. But he’s more determined than ever to earn Reva’s forgiveness.

When Reva leaves for the North, intent on destroying Locasta, Crow refuses to lose her to the same magic twice. He joins her on the journey, and, as much as Reva loathes him, she knows it’s for the best. Traveling is too dangerous on her own, but spending so much time together isn’t exactly safe for their hearts either. Hidden away in her castle, the Northern Witch waits to curse Reva and Crow once more. This time they need to put an end to Locasta, or suffer the consequences of the curse forever.

Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Laura Thalassa! 

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*** Disclaimer : I received e-copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. ***


thrilling, adventurous, and enticing wizard of oz retelling

Crow was fantastic wizard of oz retelling, sequel to Tin in Faeries of Oz series, that revolved around Crow and Reva’s story, their love and journey to North of Oz to take their revenge. It was about courage, retribution, redemption, love, and good vs evil.

Writing was magical, vivid, and fast paced that pulled me right into the dark world of Oz that wasn’t anything like you have read in original Children’s Wizards of Oz. It was third person narrative from alternative perspective of Crow and Reva. Plot was action-packed, engaging, and adventurous.

It started with Crow taking us twenty years back when Locasta- Witch of North and former lover of Crow- attacked Crow and Reva when Reva was weakest after birth of their daughter and how she put curse on Reva and Crow. Back to present, right after the end of the first book, Reva has returned back to Oz from oblivion by help of her daughter’s magic with full power and determination of taking revenge and not forgiving the person because of whom she suffered most, Crow.

When Reva set out towards North alone, Crow was determined to win Reva’s forgiveness and refused to let her travel alone. Reva hated his company but she knew she needed him in land that has turned darker and dangerous than she remembered but travelling together was also was dangerous to their heart.

It was interesting to read what would happen in their journey, what obstacles and dangers they would face, how they would reach to North and defeat Locasta, and how this journey was going to bring back their lost love, revive their hearts, and heal their soul.

The journey was full of lover’s squabble, thrill and adventure, many detours, dangers awaiting at each turn, and unexpected delays. Both Reva and Crow were amazing characters.

Reva was fierce, fiery, impulsive, and wild like her crackling power. Her memories of past and what she faced for two decades as puppet of Locasta and then in oblivion was heartfelt. I could understand her pain and her determination to take revenge specially for what Locasta did to her daughter. I could see why she didn’t want to forgive Crow but at the same time I felt she was being little harsh and even with her heart thrumming with anger and retribution, she cared for him and saved him whenever he was in danger. Her worry and fear about how people would react on knowing who she was and what she did under spell made me want to hug her and cheer her up. I admired her power, bossy nature, and style of leadership.

Crow was kind, lovely, and gentle whose true power was his bird brain. I liked the way he handled Reva’s rage and how persistently he followed her and won her forgiveness even though it wasn’t truly his fault what happened. We know him more in this book about his life, family and what happened to him before he met Reva. What Loacsta did to him when he was her lover was horrible. I could understand his fear of her and caution he wanted to take before facing her again. His love for Reva and their daughter, his determination not to let Locasta hurt them again made him more courageous than he realised.

What I loved most was world of Oz and past memories of Reva and Crow. I enjoyed reading more about the world, more lands were explored in this and meet both kind and dangerous people. I particularly liked reading how the curse of cornfield worked, about true rulers of Emerald city, and legends of Gnome king and what he did to Faes venturing in his land. Description of Palaces of Gnome King, Locasta and Glinda was amazing. Did I ever mention conversations in Candace’s books are always natural and flawless? This was no different.

Chemistry and love between Reva and Crow was crackling. I liked how different they were from each other and yet their hearts beat at same rhythm. Their bickering was lovely to read. I loved it when they finally found their way back to each other after all they suffered.

All twist and turns were unpredictable. I didn’t know what next path they would take, what danger they will face or what was awaiting at the end of their journey. Climax was both exciting and surprising. I enjoyed their fight before climax and at the end with Locasta. End was perfectly satisfying that made me happy for Reva and Crow. I’m curious to know where Ozma is and how her journey will be in next book.

Overall, Crow was thrilling, adventurous, and enticing dark fantasy, an amazing wizard of oz retelling that I recommend to readers of NA Dark fantasy.

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