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Weekly Wrap-up : (29/03/’21) #WeeklyWrapup #WeekinReading

Hello Readers! Happy Holi to all Indians! I hope you all are well. This week had been hectic. Lot of things are happening in personal life. I hope things get normal soon. On good note, I finally could finish books I decided to read last week and I have switched my blog to self-hosted WP which took lot of work but I did it. Few things I still couldn’t do, some of the posts are missing and due to large size I couldn’t get all media but I guess that’s okay. I will see if I can have missing posts but I don’t care about media that much. I have written to support team and waiting for their reply. Anyway here is what I read last week –

Last Week I Read-

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A Universe of Wishes: A We Need Diverse Books Anthology

I finally finished this anthology that I started in the beginning of the month. It was great YA diverse anthology. I highly recommend this collection.

The Common Tongue Magazine

All stories and poems were well written and impressive that maintained the dark tone throughout the magazine. It was well rounded collection of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction articles. It was a perfect magazine for fans of Dark Fantasy.

The Unwanted by Z. T. Soyoye 

This was impressive debut novel about teens with special powers. Main character who lacked confident and felt himself underdog, overcoming his weakness and self-doubt and to fight enemies to save his friends. This focused on characters, how they were struggling in life and discovering their powers for the first time and facing the danger. Their powers weren’t explained in this I hope I get that in next book. Main thing I didn’t like was the way description of the secondary characters were written. I will tell all that in full review next week.

Next I’ll be Reading –

Crow (Faeries of Oz #2) by Candace Robinson, Amber R. Duell

Reva spent the last twenty years in her own purgatory, first as the Wicked Witch of the West, then banished to eternity in darkness. Now that she’s returned from oblivion, Reva’s out for blood. The Northern Witch, Locasta, destroyed Reva’s life out of jealousy over Crow. But Reva’s love for him is gone, replaced only with the desire for revenge.

Crow wasted years trying to distract his mind after the Wicked Witch—his true love—was vanquished. He’d thought Reva was lost forever until magic brought her back, though their reunion was anything but happy. Reva hates him now as much as she loved him then. He can’t blame her—his former lover cursed them both and stole their daughter away. But he’s more determined than ever to earn Reva’s forgiveness.

When Reva leaves for the North, intent on destroying Locasta, Crow refuses to lose her to the same magic twice. He joins her on the journey, and, as much as Reva loathes him, she knows it’s for the best. Traveling is too dangerous on her own, but spending so much time together isn’t exactly safe for their hearts either. Hidden away in her castle, the Northern Witch waits to curse Reva and Crow once more. This time they need to put an end to Locasta, or suffer the consequences of the curse forever.

Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Laura Thalassa! 

I was planning to read this earlier in March but couldn’t. I hope I can read this before month end as next book is coming in June and I’m planning to read it before its release.

Uncork My Love by Rich Amooi

A sweet romantic comedy set in beautiful Napa Valley!

Ivy needs a miracle and a drink—not necessarily in that order. With a struggling winery, the only hope of keeping her dream alive is snagging a gold medal at the annual wine competition. She’s determined to win, but she can do it without the help of Ted Jacobs, aka Mr. Know-it-All.

Ted wants to catch lightning in a bottle and create the world’s greatest wine, but he’s smart enough to know he can’t do it alone. When he heads to Napa to keep his grandma from ending up in jail (don’t ask), he meets Ivy. She’s as complex and intoxicating as his award-winning cabernet, but as stubborn as the mule next door when she stomps on his offer to collaborate.

Ted knows it’s risky to mix business with pleasure, but if Ivy would only listen, they might just be the toast of the town. 

I so need something sweet and lovely. I’m on blog tour for this book and I’m really excited to read my first Rich Amooi book. My tour date is 9th April.

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat!

How was your last week?
What did you read last week?
What are you planning to read next?


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