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Hello Readers! I’m doing something different by reviewing a magazine today. I honesty have no idea how to review a magazine but dark fantasy stories sounded tempting. Many thanks to editor of The Common Tongue Magazine for providing first issue of the magazine, in exchange for an honest review.

Will be available on March 31st


The Common Tongue Magazine (commontonguezine.com) is a dark fantasy & dark speculative fiction online magazine that publishes anthologies of masterfully told fantasy short stories set in fascinating and perilous worlds.

They publish roughly 60,000 words per issue five times a year from authors of many backgrounds and cultures. They aim to promote underrepresented authors in fiction, publish work of writers whose voices give better understanding of cultures, human interconnectivity, and social issues in the world, while offering services based on merit and literacy excellence.

The Common Tongue Magazine Review:

This first issue of The Common Tongue Magazine was collection of fantastic horror, dark fantasy short stories and poems as well as articles by editor and interviews with Dark fantasy writers divided in three sections of the magazine.

All stories and poems were well written and impressive that maintained the dark tone throughout the magazine. While all stories were amazing with cruel world and flawed, dark, greedy, and immoral characters, it was The Summoner’s Folly, Tale of Loathsome Gharial Bandit, and Wizards’ Mercy that I enjoyed most.

The summoner’s folly was about human greed and as title says human folly, underestimating the power and knowledge that humans don’t understand fully and consequences of it. This was horrific and narration from a supernatural creature made it even more blood chilling. Tale of Loathsome Gharial Bandit was brilliant. I enjoyed reading this story of vengeance. The main character was morally grey. His history, what happened to his family, his power and how he became bandit and what was his intention was spellbinding to read. Wizard’s Mercy was perfect closing story of fiction section. It started with a whore narrating a story of witch who made a mistake in accepting the challenge of finding the most powerful wizard of North. The secondary characters were wicked and what they did in finding the wizard was horrible. The tittle made perfect sense in the end.

I don’t read poems or feel myself comfortable reviewing them but all three poems were interesting and the second one Everdale about the cursed woods of Everdale was amazing. Stanza for each character- Cleric, Wizard, Bard, Minstrel, and Swordsman- telling what happened to them on venturing near the cursed woods for quest, what was the curse, and a surprising twist at the end was mind-blowing.

Last nonfiction section included interesting well researched articles by editor of the magazine, about how literary magazine and industry works, dark fantasy genre, a little bit about each subgenre falling under Dark Fantasy as well as interviews with Robert Mammone, author of ‘From Only the Guilty Live’, and M.A. Vice, author of ‘Birthright’.

Overall, The Common Tongue Magazine was well rounded collection of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction articles. It was a perfect magazine for fans of Dark Fantasy.


Website: https://www.commontonguezine.com/

Current Issue: https://www.commontonguezine.com/current-issue/

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