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Hello Readers! Ally had been very kind to tag me to her originally created book tag, The Recommendations book tag. It was fun to read her answers and coming up with my own for this tag. Check out Ally’s blog @ Ally Writes Things and her answers to this tag as well. She writes amazing unique posts and I love her recommendations that makes me envy and inspire me to try to write creative posts. I hope you enjoy this post.


  • Tag Ally @ Ally Writes Things so I can see your recommendations!
  • Give at least one recommendation for each of the prompts below
  • If you don’t have a recommendation, talk about a book you want to read
  • Tag your friends

A book about friendship

A translated book

I haven’t read any translated book! I should check list of translated books and try them. You can suggest me one of your favourites in comment.

A diverse romance

I saw these book on Goodreads list and they are on my TBR that I’m going to read soon.

A fast-paced book

A nonfiction other than a memoir

This was collection of four books by Renée Paule – On the Other Hand: The Little Anthology of Big Questions, Just Around The Bend: Más o Menos, Louder Than a Whisper, and Stepping Out of Time – and I read all of them individually. These were self-help books and I enjoyed reading them.

An underrated memoir

I haven’t read many and particularly underrated one.

A book with fewer than 10,000 ratings on Goodreads

There are so many but I would like to recommend my recent favourites-

Shielded Review
Waiting for Tom Hanks Review
War Widow Review
Music & Mirror Review

A book with an LGBTQ+ protagonist

A book by a trans or non-binary author

A book with more than 500 pages

A short story collection

Book you want everyone to read

I keep recommending my all time favourite authors and books by them but I know only YA readers and young generations will like them not everyone. So, here are the book that everyone can enjoy it.

I’m tagging: 

Debjani’s Thoughts | Stephen Writes | BOOKS AND WINE GUMS | Secret Library Book Blog | Readingtonic | Hawthorn Book Reviews | A Little Book Problem | The Critiques of a Fangirl | One Book More

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat!

What books you want everyone to read?


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