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Hello readers! I hope you all had fantastic week. It’s hard to find routine and time for reading and blogging with sudden upcoming function this weekend and other things going on in life. It’s been really tiring week but in terms of reading it was good. I finished two books. I wanted to finish Shadow and Bone I started last week but I couldn’t pick it up again. I hope that changes this or next week.

What I read last week –

A Brush With Death (The Nosey Parker Mysteries #2) by Fiona Leitch

This entertaining. Complicated relationship, love quadrangle or is it love square? Whatever it is called, it made less fun and less humorous than first book but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Read full review –> HERE

A Taste for Love by Jennifer Yen

This was really cute and delicious read, perfect for Valentine weekend. I loved main character. It had right balance of family, friendship, romance and baking competition like her buns and pastries. Romance and baking competition started at around 40 -50% of the story but initial third half was great built up and I enjoyed reading Liza’s background and her relationship with other characters. I loved it.

Next I’ll be reading-

Sisterhood of the Infamous by Jane Rosenberg LaForge

Barbara Ross was at the center of the punk rock explosion as it took root in 1970s Los Angeles as a guitarist for the all-girl outfit California Youth Authority. Decades later she finds herself at the center of a murder investigation after her one-time girlfriend, the pop music sensation Jasmine, is found dead in the Hollywood Hills. The only problem is Barbara is bedridden and dying of breast cancer, and her older sister, a retired ballerina, is talking to the cops, the press, and all of Barbara’s friends. In SISTERHOOD OF THE INFAMOUS, both women reconsider their separate quests for art and fame, and which carries the higher cost: success or infamy.

I read The Hawkman by this author in 2018. It was a bit confusing at some point for me but I enjoyed writing. When I received email to read another historical fiction by author, I wanted to read it as it sounds promising and I hope to enjoy it.

Music & Mirrors (Cursed Hearts #2) by Candace Robinson

Before Ridley became the Mirror Keeper, he was just a guy in love who’d had a tough life before meeting Leni. Through Leni, he thought he’d found a way to truly live in the music they loved. But in the Mirror Dimension, everything can easily be broken—even their bond.

Leni has been haunted by shadows her whole life. She had kept the burden a secret from everyone—except for Ridley and her brother—and turned to music as a distraction. But those shadows are what led her to become the Piper, whether she wanted it or not. The only reason she continued on her destructive path is the secret she must protect at all costs.

Now back in the Mirror Dimension, Ridley and Leni must face punishment by the royals in charge of the curse. Music alone won’t be enough to help them this time. In order for Ridley and Leni to save themselves, they must seek help from the two people they almost killed. If they can’t band together to defeat the royals, Leni will end up dead and Ridley will become something he truly hates.

I loved first book of this series and I was curious to find out Ridley’s story and how was the world of mirror dimension. I hope to know all that in this book.

Have you read any of these books or going to read soon? What are you planning to read this week?


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