Hello Readers! I hope you all had great week. I read 2 books and 1 short story. There was some issue in internet connection for more than a day last week. I realized i read more without WordPress or social media distraction. Normally I don’t read more than 100 pages a day but I could finish 260 pages book. I want to do this more often, at least once a week.

What I read last week-

The Celestial Assignment by Theresa Braun

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This was only 28 pages book. I enjoyed this short story, loved character development in just few pages and theme of redemption. If in case you missed it, here is my review .

Unborn: A dystopian thriller by Rachel McLean

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With this I finished all book I was supposed to read in Feb. This was great dystopian novel about feminism and oppressive discriminating government. It sure gave me Vox vibe, made me so damn angry. Review will be up tomorrow on my tour date.

Rewritten (Unwritten #2) by Tara Gilboy

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This book is releasing in April. I thought i’ll read this in March but all of sudden There are many books to read in March so shifting this up month.Another middle grade book. This sequel was released after 2 years and I forgot most of the details of first book but thankfully as I read I could recall what had happened in first. This was much better than first book, it answered lot of questions related to characters and stories in it that I couldn’t grasp in first book. Review will be up later this week.

What I’ll read next-

Iron Heart (Iron Universe) by M.C. D’alton (Goodreads Author), Melanie Page

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Edinburgh, 1859

Beauden Somerton is dying. Despite the efforts of his father and renowned medical expert, Dr Augustus Somerton, time is running out for Beauden. So, when the research of an enterprising young medical student catches their attention, they realise she may be their last hope.

Galena Tindale fears her unorthodox research has jeopardised her chances of graduating from Edinburgh Medical College. Still, she cannot turn down an opportunity to assist the infamous Dr Somerton in a ground-breaking attempt to save his son’s life. And, as she strives to mend Beauden’s failing heart, he succeeds in capturing hers.

But not everyone wants Beauden to survive, and it’s clear they’ll go to violent and destructive lengths to prevent his revolutionary treatment from going ahead. But how far will they go? Will Galena manage to perform life-saving surgery before it’s too late? Or will she be forced to live in a world that doesn’t include Beauden Somerton? 

I thought I wouldn’t read this before March but there’s still time. I love that cover and it sounds different romance novel.

Let’s discuss!

What did you read last week?
What are you planning to read this week?
Have you read any of these books?


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