Midnight on Mars by M.C. Glan

Midnight on Mars by M.C. Glan
Publication Date : June 30th 2017
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Read Date : February 16 2019
Genre : Sci-Fi / fantacy / Thriller
Stars : Between 3-3.5/5

Kari Keskiyo thought she was lucky winning a ticket to become one of the Martian colonists; Earth is on the brink of annihilation due to natural disasters. However, when she arrives on Mars, she is faced with worse predicaments, one of them being that her ex-fiance’s failed cloning project has created mindless killers. Kari and Neil must put aside their spiritual and scientific differences and work together to not just save themselves, but the entire human race from extinction.

From the author: “My story is a fast-paced sci-fi/horror novella, but it also has heart, and leaves you with something to think about; instead of humans always looking outward, sometimes we should be looking inward.”

Midnight on Mars was science-fiction, futuristic Novel set in 2060. It was about saving humanity, survival, science vs spirituality, and importance of love and life.

Kari was ethical and smart woman who had vast knowledge on belief system of spiritual nature and planetary patterns of energies that affects human nature and their survival was brilliant. She could feel the spiritual nature of humans and what they lacked and presence of divine source on mars. Her explanation about all her abilities and talent was catchy. Her development was good. I liked the way she used the energy of the planet to get over her anxiety and fight for her own life.

Neil was scientist and Kari’s ex-boyfriend. His nature and thinking was contrast to Kari’s belief and spiritual knowledge. Neil’s thorough knowledge about maze like structure of mars habitat horizon and how to survive on harsh environment of the planet kept both Kari and others alive.

Secondary characters who survived along with main characters were nicely written. Caden was creative villain. He was lunatic and what he did to create his own world horrified me.

The story was set on Mars and Earth told in third person narrative intermittently. Most of the book was set on Mars which showed Mars habitat horizon built by ISCE, scientific attempts to save humanity, last few people arriving on Mars and what they found there, their constant struggle surviving on this red planet which was taken over by hollows, ICSE traitors and a lunatic old man who wanted to create their own world. Small portion of the book set on Earth included- catastrophic situation on earth, how it was going cover in black soot because of soon-to-erupt all super-volcanos on the planet and thus going to destroy all humans on earth; people remaining behind in ISCE headquarter on Earth helping those last few human reached on Mars.

It was packed with lots of info around space technology, colony created on mars when world was on verge of destruction and clone project that went chaotic turning humans into soul-less aggressive zombies wanting to kill everyone around. Combining the cloning and current state of earth with the divine, pentagram, energy and spirituality theory surprised me. I was not expecting it in such deeper level when I started the book. The description around this spiritual theory against human tampering with natural cycle was fascinating and unique.

Book had diverse characters, true sci-fi feel with amazing tech and space description. I liked the thrill of fighting hollows, rescuing women from lunatic and traitors, and getting away from red raging planet alive. There was lot chopping, killing, blood and dead bodies with gory details that made the setting really dark and horrifying.

I liked relationship between Kari and Neil. They really were a pair. I liked the way they overcome their differences and tried to understand and respect each other’s thought, gave each other and their broken relationship another chance, and fought together to their common enemies.

The final battle against Caden and his men with help of Earth’s ICSE headquarters and divine entity, was intriguing. It was interesting to find out who the red spirit on Mars was, what it wanted and how it was related to the nature of the planet; how Neil, Kari and other survivors will escape the planet and how they were going to save the humanity; will Earth be habitable again or they have to find other planet.

I didn’t like that making out scene, forgetting about the more pressing matters-zombies, savings humanity and leaving planet alive. It was bit unnecessary so early in the book. I could see where author will take it from here, so made it little predictable.

I couldn’t relate to characters and their emotions. Plot was really interesting but it was shadowed by spiritual talk. For me, It was little confusing at some point and hard digest as I haven’t heard of this concept before.  

Overall, it was fast paced, interesting science-fiction novel mixed with cosmic energy and spirituality.

About Author:

M.C.Glan is an Indie author of multi-genre genre fiction. When she is not working or writing, she enjoys walking the northern Canadian trails with her partner, poet Alvin, and their dog, Pixie. She is currently working on a dark fantasy trilogy called The Temple Of Empia Saga.

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*** Note: I received e-copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. ***


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