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Hey Book Lovers! Today I’m happy to share review and excerpt of refreshing children fiction- One Very Odd Teacher by Robbie Yates as part of blog tour, organized by Shalini @ Digital Reads Blog Tours. Many thanks to Shalini for tour invite and to author for providing eARC.


One Very Odd Teacher by Robbie to Yates

Publication Date: September 23rd 2018
Read Date: September 30th 2018
Genre: Children’s Fiction / Middle grade / Mystery
Pages: 82
Stars: 5/5

5 star


The humming noise got louder. Adam willed himself to focus. He had to finish his math test.

Suddenly, the noise became unbearable. He glanced up.

Mrs Murphy was inches away, leaning over another kid’s desk. Was the noise coming from her?


Every child remembers a teacher who was a little bizarre, prickly or ill-tempered. Some teachers, though, are very odd indeed, and warrant some closer attention…

This quirky chapter book will thrill kids who are adventurous, brave, and a little bit cheeky!


After recess, Mrs Murphy handed out a math test. The day got immeasurably worse.

Adam dropped his head into his hands. He knew he was going to fail.

“During this test,” Mrs Murphy announced, “you’ll need to use the TrooCo pencils from your stationery packs. You aren’t allowed to help others, and you must keep your eyes on your own work. Anyone caught copying will get a zero on the test, and a visit to Principal Sharley.”

She moved closer to where Adam and Jennifer sat. She peered at Adam pointedly. “I don’t think I need to remind you that we will all be doing this silently.”

She handed out the tests and Adam searched in his pencil case for a TrooCo pencil. He found one just as the test slid onto his desk.

He glanced at the first page. It looked incomprehensible. He sighed, wrote his name at the top, and shot Jennifer a desperate look. She shrugged her shoulders, already a few questions in.

Adam stared at Question 1. It began with a picture of a donut.

A teacher needs to chop a donut into thirty pieces, the instructions said. Every child in the class should get the same-sized piece. Draw a diagram to show how it can be done.

Adam frowned. What sort of teacher gives each child one thirtieth of a donut? he thought.

He strummed his fingers on his chin, trying to figure out what he had to do, but a high-pitched hum was distracting him. Adam forced himself to ignore the noise and concentrate on his test.

Under Question 2, there were several identical cartoon socks. The question was about sorting them into groups of three. Who groups their socks in threes? Adam thought, rolling his eyes. They belong in pairs!

The high-pitched humming sound got louder. Adam willed himself to focus.

The answer to the sock problem was on the tip of his tongue when the humming became unbearable. He glanced up.

Mrs Murphy was inches away, leaning over another kid’s desk. Was the noise coming from her?

Adam frowned. Mrs Murphy shuffled over to another part of the room, and the humming faded. He looked over at Jennifer, trying to make eye contact. But Jennifer, diligent as always, was engrossed in the second page of the test.

He kept staring at Jennifer, hoping she’d feel his eyes on her and look up. All of a sudden, the humming sound became louder again, ringing in his ears like an angry mosquito.

Adam looked up. Mrs Murphy was standing right in front of him, her eyes fixed on his. The hum was deafening. “Keep your eyes on your own work, Adam,” she said. Adam nodded, gulped, and stared back down at his test, hoping she’d go away.

From that moment onwards, every time Adam glanced up from his test, Mrs Murphy was staring right at him. He tried as hard as he could to keep his eyes on his paper, but the noise was making it impossible to think. His score on this test was going to be abysmal.

Once the test was finally over, and Mrs Murphy had gathered up all the papers, he leant over to Jennifer. “Please tell me you heard that!” he whispered.

“Heard what?” she asked, raising her eyebrows. Her freckles jumped across her face.

“That noise, during the test. That weird humming.”

Jennifer shook her head. Melodramatically, she touched Adam’s forehead, checking for a fever. Adam rolled his eyes.

“I’m not going crazy,” he said. “I heard something. It was bizarre.”

Sure you did,” said Jennifer, crossing her arms. “It’s lucky it’s nearly home time, kid. I think you need some rest.”

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One Very Odd Teacher was children fiction revolving around adorable Adam who had very odd class teacher, Mrs Murphy, who gives him creeps. One Odd nightmare and odd sounds around Mrs. Murphy made Adam suspicious about his teacher. As the day passes he observes very peculiar things about his class teacher that lead to an investigation which turned out the biggest scandal in the town.

Adam was very average yet clever and observant class 5M student with artistic as well as detective ability. His voice in the book was fun to read and many young reader will find themselves relating to him. His parents were also supportive, I liked to hear the stories they shared from their school days. His best friend Jennifer was smart and I liked the way she eventually supported Adam in exposing truth.

Author has wonderful storytelling ability. The book was written in witty tone that made me chuckle throughout the book. In just short pages there was creepy teacher, a suspense, sleuthing mystery, adorable protagonist and creative characters. There was everything you would want in children’s book.

What I liked most about the book was Adams’s detailed notes on Mrs. Murphy, Adam and Jennifer’s friendship, their snooping and brilliant plan, and the way they executed it. Both Adam and Jennifer were brave and sharp-witted and I liked how they took cautious steps after discovering the secret and kept their suspicious eye on everyone.

This book tells how smart and observant kids can be, how adults underestimates their ability and sometimes takes advantage of kid’s innocence to gain something.

Overall, it was fun, entertaining, suspenseful mystery that kids would love to solve. I highly recommend this book to all young readers.


Author Bio:

Robbie Yates Author Image.jpgRobbie Yates is an author from Melbourne, Australia. He likes cocoa, cheeky poetry, and eating all of the red jellybeans before anybody else can get to them.

In his free time, Robbie likes to read ridiculous and wacky kids’ fiction. He also likes practical jokes and terrible puns.

Author Social Media Links:

Amazon Author Central pageAuthor’s Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Instagram

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Amazon: Ebook / Paperback


***Note: I received e-ARC from the author as a part of blog tour, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. ***


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