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A Day at the Zoo by Cassie Roberts
Publication Date: September 1st 2019
Publisher: Adelaide Books
Genre: Children’s book / Picture book
Pages: 22
Stars: ★★★★★

A DAY AT THE ZOO is a vivid and whimsical story about two children and their adventures at the zoo. Enjoy playful rhymes and the strong message of never giving up and always being brave. A wonderful read for children and adults alike.

*** Note: I received this e-copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to publisher. ***

A Day at the Zoo was cute imaginative picture book that revolved around two children and their adventures at the zoo. It was about trying different activities, never saying no to opportunities and enjoy the moment.

In this fun book, Rose and William visiting a zoo where all animals were performing all sort of outdoor activities like cycling, swimming, climbing, skating, etc. cheering kids and encouraging them join them in the activity and have fun. Though Rose and William had a great time watching animals performing their tricks they wondered they would have enjoyed it if they haven’t said no all the time.

Rhymes were wonderful. It was fun to read this book. I plan to read this again with my daughter once she is 3 years old or more.

I liked the message of the book about trying all the activities, not to say no because you fear you might fall or hurt yourself or embarrass because you haven’t done it before or somebody would laugh because you are not good at it. All kids fear trying something for the first time but I’m sure on second and third they start to enjoy it and even love it. Kids need to be encouraged to say yes, at least try new activity once, and give things a go.

Illustrations were colorful and cheerful. Those smile and happiness on animals’ face were enough to encourage kids what they were doing. And those little mice were in all pictures. They made them even more cute.

Overall, it was entertaining story that educate kids both about animals and activates and at the same time encourage them with its great message. I recommend this to all kids and parents. It’s perfect for both parents and children to read together.

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