Bookmarked Quotes- To Kill a Mockingbird

My most favorite quotes from To Kill a Mockingbird (To Kill a Mockingbird #1) by Harper Lee. And some thoughts…


This lines of Atticus in To kill a Mockingbird was the best in the book. It felt so real and relatable. And I admired Atticus for his such gentlemen and patient nature.

Many time we think about ‘what people will think and what they will say‘ before we even give a thought to particular thing- either its a our dream, passion or important life decisions- even while deciding a smallest thing like what to wear today.  This ‘people worrying disease’ have caused so much trouble in many people’s life and it brings only a trouble. Why we have that thought in first place when we already know that we have to live with ourselves first and then with people? We can’t stop them what they think and say nor we can stop them to judge us but we are judge of ourselves and our conscience. so it’s better to listen it and not people.

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Don’t you think Cal was brilliant in the book?

Another common people problem that I so agree with. People change their tune and attitude based on how much you know about things and how right or wrong you are. If they are wrong they create a lot of fuss on the matter, you can’t placate them unless you agree with them or stop showing them that you are right.

Baseline you can’t deal with some kind of people. Just stand by, don’t give your thought, and enjoy the show! That’s what I do most of time with certain people who doesn’t want to learn the right thing.

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I so loved this whole conversation between Mr. Dolphus Raymond and Scout outside the courtroom. I literally laughed after reading his drinking secret and at people’s silly closed minded opinion about him. I don’t think I need to comment on people’s need of reasons for each and everything and how they don’t approve exceptional way of living or nature or anything exceptional.

Have you read this book?
What are you thoughts on this quote?
Which one is your most favorite quote from this book and why?

Share your thoughts in the comment-box below.

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  • authorchucksmith

    Praise, gripe, pan.
    Thank you for reviewing these older books that should not be forgotten. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird is one that should be read by each generation of new readers: I enjoyed it, our children loved it, and, I expect, their children will enjoy it as well.
    Your favorite quotes from TKaM are good ones but displaying them in a non-standard font is difficult for this old reader (and writer) to enjoy. The playful font adds nothing to the verbiage.
    My most recent re-read of To Kill a Mockingbird was just before the release of Go Set a Watchman. I’m certainly glad i read Mockingbird again as i was completely disappointed with Go Set a Watchman. It read (to me) like bad covers of old classics.
    Thanks again for reviewing the oldies but goodies.

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