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Anne of Avonlea (Anne of Green Gables #2) by L.M. Montgomery


Publication Date: March 5th 1999 (First published: 1909)

Publisher: Wordsworth Classics

Read Date: August 3rd 2018

Genre: Classic / Fiction

Stars: 5/5

5 star


Anne of Avonlea continues Anne’s story. Now half-past sixteen but as strong-headed and romantic as ever, Anne becomes a teacher at her old school and dreams of its improvement. But her responsible position and mature ambitions do not prevent her entanglement in the scrapes that still seem to beset her in spite of her best intentions.

Thoroughly charming and amusing, with a supporting cast of colourful and endearing characters, both books will enchant and entertain readers, guaranteeing that Anne’s adventures capture their affections as well as their imaginations.


What to say about this acclaimed book that never said before! Anne of Avonlea was a wonderful sequel of Anne of Green Gable, about the girlhood of Anne Shirley who is now 16 year old and a school ma’am. Book has new characters and a new neighbor, new people coming to Avonlea, and new ideas streaming in Anne’s head for Avonlea.

Anne might have left her childhood age in the first book but her imagination is as young and fresh. She might have grown into a fine pretty girl, bit more mature and responsible but few things one can’t change about this lively protagonist of the book and that is, her ability to get into scrapes now and then, her inborn aura of positivity, hope and bringing change in people’s heart and soul that you can easily see and feel in this book.

In the opening chapter author introduced her readers to a new character and neighbor of Green Gables, Mr. Harrison who brought the book into life in beginning only. As soon as he was introduced, I knew Anne is bound to get in trouble and latter will make Mr. Harrison like her dearly and it didn’t took long to happen. His parrot, Ginger, was such amusing one. I giggled like a girl when he called Anne a ‘Red-headed snippet’.

In middle of starting school, get acquainted with little scholars of Avonlea and helping Marilla, there were new characters coming to live at Green gables. 8-yrs-old twins- prim and all mannered, Dora and full of mischiefs, Davy. Poor Marilla was so mortified taking that kid into family but Anne set everything just perfectly. Anne’s adventures were little less than first book but Davy took the honors of amusing readers by his mischiefs, sweet silly questions, getting into troubles, and being punished by Marilla.

This book was even more amusing and hilarious than first one. I so laughed at Anne’s experience with their AVIS project and Davy’s acts, Anne’s mistakes and imaginations and thoughts. This time she dyed her nose, can you believe it! It was so funny to read. Even with all silliness and girly imagination of Anne, I couldn’t help but think how much she had grown in this book. The way she took her responsibilities, understood people and brought change in Avonlea and Avonlea people was remarkable. 

I loved the way new characters were set along with old ones. They all were colorful. Their descriptions were so comical and vivid. Anne was such a charismatic, kind character. Her approach with kids was motherly and she had such enthusiasm in her teaching that I was dying to see her success as teacher. Many teachers can relate to Anne’s thoughts and her experience with kids at school.

I so loved Miss Lavender Lewis and her picturesque stone house. The romantic story of Lavender and Hester, the talk of dear boy Paul Irving, sweet letters from kids at school, scandal in neighborhood, and terrific hailstorm will keep readers hooked to the book. End was real sweet and charming.

I can surely say now that L.M. Montgomery is my all-time favorite author. She wrote this book so beautifully with very simple yet engaging plot, wonderful description of all places, nature, and people and their thoughts. This book had such an enchanting effect that can keep the heart and soul of all readers forever young and fresh no matter at what age they are.

I’m out of words now! I saw many readers said it was not as good as first one but for me it was just awesome. I can’t wait to read more about Anne’s life and adventures, her growing friendship with Gilbert in next book of the series.

Overall, it was refreshing, exhilarating, wonderful classic young adult fiction that I highly recommend to all.


AuthorL.M. Montgomery

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