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Hat by Renée Paule, G.R. Hewitt

Publication Day: May 31st 2018

Publisher: RPG Publishing

Read Date: July 15th 2018

Genre: Children’s Fiction / Picture Book

Pages: 36

Stars: 5/5

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This book is aimed at age 6+

Bertie the gardener is happy with his life, so is Oscar – his dog. However, this happiness turns to discontent when Bertie sees George looking ‘important’ in his new bowler hat. Bertie wants one just like it, so that he can look important too. Consequently, he hangs up his comfy old hat and that’s when his adventure begins.

There’s a fun activity page at the back of this book – children can learn more about different types of hats and their names.

Which hat would you wear?


Hat was fun beautiful picture book about a gardener called Bertie who loved hats. He was happy with old tatty hat until he saw other people of different professions wearing different types of hats. This book gives very important message to kids. It tells about being yourself enjoying things you are comfortable with and being happy with it.

In today’s materialistic world people chase different things, fashions, professions, and many other worldly thing just by looking at different people but they forget that not everything works for everyone. Everyone has their own comfortability. Just so a piece of fashion suits one person it doesn’t mean it will suit everyone else. We blindly purchase things just by looking at our neighbors, colleague, friends or any random person without even thinking of is necessity and importance and later regret it. Something similar happened here with the main character of the book.

The dog in the book was amusing and I loved the way he was illustrated. Bertie was skilled gardener but in whim of being other than himself he became unhappy. I like the way he returned to his self and found his happiness again.

This book arises lot of question in readers of any age. It teaches to follow our heart and pursue things we are good at, be happy with what we are doing and not to be influenced by society and what people are doing in their life, to keep it in mind that everyone is following what they are good at and so should we.

Apart from this lifelong lessons kids will also enjoy knowing about different kinds of hat and who wears them. There is also fun activity about recognizing hats at the end of the book with picture of all kind of hats. It was fun to read this book. I’m sure kids and readers of all generations will love to read this book.

Overall, it was fun, beautiful book with wonderful lifelong lessons both for kids and parents.


Author and Illustrator: Hat by Renée Paule, G.R. Hewitt

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*** Note: Many thanks to author for sending me beautiful copy, in exchange for an honest review. ***

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