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The Day I Met My Soul : Meraki and Her Inner-World Adventures by Meeta Gupta

Publication Date: September 11th 2017

Publisher: Notion Press

Read Date: July 13th 2018

Genre: Fiction / Spiritual

Pages: 138

Stars: 4/5

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Where do you plan to holiday this season? 
Why don’t you embark on an adventurous journey with young Meraki, beyond physical boundaries?

A story filled with anecdotes about Meraki’s life and how her setbacks and problems set her on a journey to the unknown inner world, are sure to enrapture you. On her journey, she discovers the mystery behind her thoughts, breath, emotions, silence and stillness. 
Drawing a parallel with our inner self, this soul-stirring experience will uncover how we are constantly guided by the unknown universal power. As Meraki dives through layers of her inner world, be prepared to be amazed when she discover her powerful self.
Will Meraki be able to communicate with Universal Language as she encounters a ferocious tiger during her solitary stay?

This is an inspiring tale celebrating the strength of the young girl, her inner-world, adventures she sets off on and on a different note, how these sojourns empower one to bring forth their powerful presence.

The Day I Met My Soul was a spiritual fiction a story of Meraki an ordinary girl chasing her dream of making an animated film turns towards journey of self-discovery and yogic life. The story was about self-discovery, spiritual journey, understanding the true meaning of life, peace, love, and happiness; about strength of inner self and love of nature.
Meraki, main character of the book, was strong, sensitive and nature loving person who was enchanted by stories of sages and yogis living in seclusion, by their life and spiritual power. When she encountered such sage in forest during her vacation and when she visited one living in hermitage, it planted seed life in seclusion and spiritual powers. Her profound feeling for Astro (her beloved dog) led her to the biggest decision of her life and changed the course of her life. Her development in the journey of self-discovery was wonderfully narrated.
What I liked_edited
Book was third person narration from Meraki’s POV. Author’s note and forward in the beginning told lot about the book and what’s in it. Hurdles in life, competition and chasing after materialistic world that lead to anger, anxiety, depression and physical illness. Meraki faced all of that while she lived in the external world and how this state of her made her determined to plunge into inner spiritual world was remarkable. The way she kept herself motivated and determined to follow the words of her master, keeping her focus and not dwelling into millions of thought that disturbed her meditation was motivating and inspiring.
On every page of the book there was beautiful, life learning quotes that made me to stop for a while and grasp those words. Poems at the start and the end of the chapters were on the topic covered in particular chapter. They were deep and soul-stirring that guide readers to the depth of inner world.
The message about following your true calling, giving more importance to inner happiness and becoming peace loving, love exuding soul by leaving behind materialistic world and attachments was the heart of the book. ‘By giving love you receive only happiness and peace’ was exemplified in many different ways. How in oneness with universe and nature one can reach to deepest level of mind and can perform unimaginable task like levitating and calming the wild beast was awe-inspiring. I specifically loved last few chapters in which Meraki’s love of nature was highlighted. How she changed the flooded area and its surroundings, the way her determination and selfless work made sanctuary for all living beings.
The world in the end narrated was something one can only dream but the dream that can be achieved if performed with true heart and purpose in life. It was wonderful end that touched me.
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Book was too short and I wish author have explored this vast topic more deeply and also have included few more aspects of life that stop people from following their dream and leads towards destruction.
Overall, it was inspiring, motivating, thought-provoking spiritual fiction with deep words and poems. I recommend this book to readers who love this type of book.

Author: Meeta Gupta
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*** Note: I received this book as a winner of giveaway. Many thanks to publishers for sending me this book. ***

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