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Publication Date: April 13th 2018

Publisher: Evernight Teen

Read Date: April 11th 2018

Genre: Contemporary / YA / Romance

Stars: 5/5

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Lia Abbie has the easy life—kicking it back with old school video games, hanging out with her best friend Barnabas, and alternating her living schedule between the apartments of her two dads and her mom.

Kiev Jimenez is a theater geek who loves him some Shakespeare and taking care of his pet armadillo. He has one set goal in life: obtaining the role of Horatio for the Hamlet school play.

When a showdown between Lia and Kiev lands them in the principal’s office, they’re forced into volunteer work at the cringe-worthy Piggy Palooza Festival, or risk being suspended. Lia and Kiev aren’t thrilled about the situation, especially when it interferes with Lia’s relaxed life and Kiev’s theater role. But by working together, they may find more than just bacon—possibly a little love in the air.


Did ever punching someone on face have changed your life? Here it happened with these two main characters of the book- Lia and Kiev.

Bacon Pie is sugary sweet YA contemporary novel, a love story of Lia and Kiev. A story of two enemies turned to lovers through a cringe worthy but life changing Piggy Palooza Festival. It’s funny, refreshing, entertaining high school and bit of family drama.


Kiev Jimenez– was (in Cole’s language) ‘Tex-Mex’ (Mexican living in Texas) nerd who loved theater and Shakespeare plays. He was nice decent guy whom you can’t help but love. There was almost no flaws in this character. I loved his calm, understanding, and caring nature. I also liked how he understood emotions of his family and gave them space when needed. I liked him even more during Piggy festivals.

Lia Abbie– She was total opposite of Kiev. She was gaming freak, tomboyish and so grumpy in initial chapters. She hardly liked anyone outside her circle which included Barnabas (Lia’s best friend), her mom and two dads. Initially I couldn’t understand why she didn’t like anyone, she was so opinionated even though she hardly talked to anyone but eventually she started to open up and made new friends. I liked changes in her and her life during and after Piggy festival. Her family dynamic was great and I loved how her parents managed to live in same apartment complex even after separation.

Cole (Kiev’s best friend) was funniest character but his habit of speaking full name was little annoying. No wonder Lia disliked him. I never expected he would take up Kiev’s advice and would focus on one girl, it was quite surprising. I loved all secondary characters and their role in story. Specially Barnabas and his two little sisters.

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Isn’t that cover beautiful? I so loved it. This was my fourth book by Candace and second by Gerardo and I could see glimpse of both authors in the book. The story was narrated alternatively by Kiev and Lia that gave pretty good idea on what they thought and felt for their family, friends and each other. Authors described all characters so perfectly that I felt like I was watching them very closely. They felt so real and were easy to connect with.

My favorite part of the book was Piggy Palooza Festival, which was center point of the book. Usually I say story revolved around main characters but it would be fair to say here that story revolved around this Piggy Palooza Festival. It was fun and entertaining to read specially that Bacon Pie competition and Bacon eating contest. Humor was so effortless and looked silly at some point but still it made me smile.

Twist and turns were nice and smooth, also surprising at points. Loved the climax and end of the book. Ooh and that epilogue was something new. I liked that authors decided to give it different voice.


Overall, this was feel good, refreshing, and clean love story with festival feel that will entertain to all young adults. It’s perfect summer and festival read.


Authors: Candace Robinson, Gerardo Delgadillo

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*** Note: I received review copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to author for giving me a chance to read this book. ***

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