Summerlypse by Gerardo Delgadillo

Summmerlypse EBook Cover

Published: June 20th 2016 by Whole Enchilada Press

Read Date: December 2017

Pages: 318

Stars: 4.5/5

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When 17-year-old teenage Colton is rejected by his crush, poor guy is devastated of broken heart agrees to his friend persistence of spending summer vacation in Mexico with him in hope to forget her.

On way to airport he gets call from his crush who seems to be confuse about her feeling for him, on reaching Mexico he meets Sofi, Martin’s flirty friend and then to Sofi’s cousin Alex. Suddenly all three girls seem to be interested in him- a guy who was almost invisible to all girls till now. One claims to like him, second claim to love him and the other needs his help. (Crazy, isn’t it?)

Both Sofi and her cousin Alex come from bad rich family and Alex was into accident in past and is deaf now. She needs money for her hearing and for that she had only one option get help from Colton for a DJ contest. (now, here the story gets interesting)

Will Colton help Alex? What trouble will he get into in helping bad rich person’s daughter? And then there is threats from Alex’s father.


Summerlypse was entertaining YA music themed contemporary about growing up, friendship, helping friends and love. Story revolved around Colton who was simple and nice guy whose life and his view towards family, love, and friends changed after his trip to Mexico and participation in Summerlypse.


Colton was nice, shy, sensitive, and super clueless guy. I couldn’t believe how naïve that boy was but that’s what made him different. I like the way respected everyone’s feelings.

Martin was Mexican American, macho, lady’s man, best friend of Colton who supported him throughout the book. What I liked most about him was he was far from ego and never disrespected his friend or anyone in the book.

Alex was deaf because of accident in her childhood. She was super cool DJ of Mexico who need help of Colton for participating in Summerlypse. She was nice till the climax. I didn’t like her plan may be because she was full on revenge mode but at the end she was good.

Loved secondary characters- Martin’s mom and grandma, Colton’s family and Alex’s friend- they were all so good in the book.

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Story was narrated from main character’s perspective and cool, teenage tone of it made it entertaining, I was smiling throughout the book because of refreshing relaxing tone. Some scenes were even funny specially the one when Colton met Alex’s father and later with DJ SLIM.

I liked Spanish in the book, two languages in the book always make book curious for me and through it I can learn another language. Narrow dangerous streets, alcohol, mafia, Culture, food, and language, all description took straight to Mexican environment.

Story was simple and sweet. I liked Alex’s story of her past and how she was in accident and lost her hearing. It was very touching and I totally understood her feeling towards her father. I also liked the way Colton’s confusion regarding who to date in the beginning and the way he started to realize his true feeling and what true love is. It was very sweet and cute.

At first on entry of Alex’s father, I thought the book will have more of gansta feel and thrilling scenes but I liked that author made that part light and entertaining and focused on the main theme of Alex’s struggle and Colton’s feeling and growing relationship between them and of course the Music and DJ contest that played important part in the book.

Twist in climax was unpredictable. I was curious to know how Colton and Alex were going to perform and whether they will win or not. After knowing what her father did will she participate or not. All the questions were answered in total different wat than I guessed. Alex plan was little surprising and I felt little bad for what happed during performance. The end was nice and I loved the way things turned out.

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Okay I agreed to martin that Colton was Drama queen. And I didn’t like he kept crying over a girl who never ever showed any feelings to him.


Overall it was fun, relaxing and refreshing, music themed story of a teenage boy. Contemporary lovers would like to read this story.


Author: Gerardo Delgadillo

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*** Note: I received ARC from the author, in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got a chance to read this book. Many thanks to author. ***

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