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Hunter: The Fallen One by C.L. Hagely


Published: October 31st 2016 by Rogue PHoenix Press

Read Date: December 29th 2017

Pages: 190

Stars: 3/5

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Lian Hunter is freshman at Tri-Asterisk Academy, an academy where students only from wealthy family get the admission. Atmosphere at the academy is very strange. Students stick to their own circles of seniors and juniors, headmaster is like keeping secret eye on every students, there are strange statues in the campus.  There is news of missing girls from the Lian’s academy but academy’s name is not involved in news. After news Lian started experiencing things- attacks from burly snake like people, date with girl who had forked tongue, seeing statue like figures.

Politics, mysterious activities in the academy, elite government people involved in the secret activities indicate a sinister plan. Will he solve the mystery of strange things he is experiencing? What Lian has to do in all this? Is he the next target of people involved behind disappearance of the students? Then there are secrets in his family…


Hunter was a story of good vs evil and good always win against bad kind of book that involved mystery, myths and high-tech world setting. It was told in third person narrative revolved around main character Lian and Tri-Asterisk Academy in Los Angeles.


Lain was curious and very smart boy who had good observations skill. His ability to sense something unusual was little weird. At some point specifically after game I felt something off about him. He was more than what showed in this book. He was mysterious character.

Gabriel was Lian’s best friend, very intelligent and logical person. He was walking memory bank who had most of the answers if teachers or anyone asked. He was the only one who was less mysterious in whole book.

What I liked_edited

Concept was good, unique setting, and to the point writing with the mysterious characters and story.

I liked the setting of academy. There was through information on academy right from layout of academy, to high tech systems and advance technologies used in academy for study purpose and even outside academy. There was also detail on professors and various subjects they taught like history, astronomy, science, math, and more. From the look of all this I got to know that the setting was futuristic and pretty advance.

I enjoyed the information given in all classed specially professor Snodgrass’s class. I liked the story of battle between Pleiadians and forces of world on Nibiru that related to Guardians statues in academy campus, Sumerians and visit to pyramids and the information regarding those pyramids and Sumerian developments and most importantly the history of Lian’s family in end chapter that unrevealed the mystery of the story.

At almost 50% of the book the politics suddenly jump to the story and there was first real talk about missing students. Till this point I thought the story was solely on Lian’s strange experiences and might be related to cave. But that was not fully explained till the end chapters of the book. There was so much mystery in the book, even characters were mysterious that made me curious to reach to end to see what exactly they are, what was going on in this academy, who kidnapped students and why, and who were those snake people.

The end was unpredictable and unique but not that exciting.

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I don’t know where to start this review when I sat to write it. As I said, story and concept was very unique and it had good potential but somehow I couldn’t get into the book.

First of all in story it said it was Lian’s first day in academy and he observed academy like new students but it seemed like he knew pretty good things about his fellow students and few other info on academy related, it was like he was going back to school after summer vacation. Weird!

The story itself went on bumpy pace and it was very confusing till almost 50%. There was so much going on in the book that I had no idea how to connect the points.

Most important I couldn’t connect with characters. They might have impressed me but I didn’t feel for them.

Most of the chapters were on the classes Lian attended that gave little character details, little world details and most was just good to know info, but I had no clue what they have to do with the main story. Like character Calek mentioned few times in classes and he was mysterious as well but I don’t think I know exactly what happened to him in the end. And too much info on characters that has nothing to do with story like all professors, how they look and their characteristics.

The book was set in future but in which year it wasn’t mentioned. Cave, guardians and snake people and myth stories whatever it was related to these three main thing of the book was very less.

I think what I wanted in this book was a background information on the setting and the myth or experiment and all the things happened in that adventure in the basement of record hall.

Overall, it was okay for me. Good book had unique concept but might have been better if there was all things that I mentioned above.


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*** Note: I received e-ARC of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. I’m glad I got a chance to read this book. ***

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