Book News: Kindle edition of Tareh Chronicles: King's Promise, available FREE from Nov 10 to Nov 14

Book NewsHey Everyone,
I’m pleased to share with you the update I receivedย today from the author about book.

Kindle edition of Tareh Chronicles: King’s Promise by Michael Stott is available FREE starting from November 10 until November 14. So if anyone interested in reading this book can download it during this time frame.

Here is blurb

TAREH chronicleThe planets Tareh and Earth, connected by a wormhole, share many similar plants, animals, and civilizations. However, just because something is extinct on one, does not mean it has disappeared on the other.
Sam, the Kingโ€™s second son, after escaping into the wilds across the mighty White River, falls ill and is unable to fend for himself. Lal, a poor girl from the village, runs away from home to avoid an arranged marriage to an old man. Drawn by the smoke from Samโ€™s smoldering fire, she finds him weak and near death.
The two new friends set about surviving in the unforgiving wilderness. Unfortunately, young and inexperienced Human children are not equipped for life outside. Aid comes in the form of a family of Neanderthals, still in existence on Tareh, and well adapted to living in the forest.
Together they discover a shared history of a time long ago, when Neanderthals helped Humans, and a King made a promise to his Neanderthal friends. Can the two learn from each other now? And can Sam fulfill the ancient promise of his family line?

I read this book already. You can check out my review on this book hereย โ‡’โ‡’ย Tareh Chronicles: Kingโ€™s Promise by Michael Stott
and author interviewโ‡’โ‡’ Author Interview: Michael Stott โ€“ Author of #TarehChronicle

Happy Reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

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