The King’s Peace by Kevin Hammond

King's peace

The King’s Peace by Kevin Hammond

Published: October 6th 2013

Read Date: November 1st 2017

Pages: 228

Stars: 4/5

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The Kingdom is young and yet it stands in great peril. Dark tales of the unnatural have reached the King’s city. The King is slain in his bed and the storm on the horizon brings black ships closer to the coastal city of Erenon. Nathaniel, a clever thief has stumbled upon a job that brings him to the home of the King when he is slain and Nathaniel is unwillingly dragged into the quest to reach the southern garrison which has gone quiet in recent months. Strange powers are helping and hindering him and the small company of soldiers dispatched to that garrison as war comes to the city.

They will find those horrors that plague the common man, an ancient dragon legend will unravel, and a deception so epic in scale it involves the Gods. The whole world of man and nations who live on the other side of the mountain range known as the Great Divide will come together in a war no one really understands and as the kingdom fights to survive it will face an enemy they know nothing about.


This book was full of adventure, action, dark magic, conflicts, battle and war, hatred and darkness of human heart. It was story of thief and soldiers of kingdom started their journey with small group through king’s road towards Southern garrison to find king’s nephew so that he could save the Erenon from the dark power rising on the coast of kingdom and rule it after mysterious murder of the King.


Nathaniel, protagonist, was a thief who lived his life in slum and around thieves in the city. He was sensitive and kind person who lived by set of his own principles. When he joined the soldiers on the travel he learned lot of new things and as the story progressed his character was developed. At the end of the book I liked everything about this character.

Few soldier in the journey played important role. Events in the book changed my point towards them frequently. And at the end I was surprised by author, my whole guessing about them was changed in climax.

Other characters that had little role in book were very interesting and it was amazing how they played their part and made the story more thrilling like, Tommy Hill in war.

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First 18% of the book was about the background of main character, Nathaniel, his life as thief and the world within the city wall where he lived, which was not very good picture.

The story actually picked my interest when Jorge, Duke of kingdom appointed Natheniel to go on deadly mission of finding King’s nephew and getting the information about what is happening at the southern garrison. At this point on, I understood more about Kingdom and the King of Erenon, what was the King’s peace actually.

I loved the whole middle portion of the book. The journey through the King’s road till they reach to garrison. This introduced the real world outside city walls. There were lot of adventure and horror on the journey. The trolls, missing children, vampires and fair folks, rat people and many more. All the stories about people living outside the city wall was horrible and their condition was miserable.

Overall, Erenon was totally screwed up kingdom and I loved how author created this dark world. I was so interested in knowing everything about this kingdom and things related to it.

The magic of the Gods lies within you, within all of us. The strength of your belief is the key.

Another thing I loved in the book was dark humor by characters in the toughest and dangerous situation. They were breather in the story. And NO LOVE STORY. I really thank author for writing this book without any silly romance and still making it such thrilling adventurous tale.

New Gods were mysterious and very different than any mythical Gods I have read. Their ways were also different and sometimes things related to them in the book was confusing which was whole astral travel portion in the book, but everything was crystal clear after climax. New Gods, their acts, King’s Peace, unknown enemy and choices made by characters were the key points that created amazing turning points in the book.

Even in solitude you are not alone. There is a dual nature in all of us, paths we shall choose and those we are set upon choices.

Climax, last 30% of the book was so damn gripping. There were all the answers I was looking for. Who was the enemy, who started this war and unleashed dark forces on kingdom, also I was taken back to the first chapter of the book and what was link behind it. It set all the puzzled pieces into a clear picture. Perfect climax and perfect end.

End was uncertain. I was not expecting what thief decided to choose. But it was creative and open ended. I hope author decide to write more and I wish to see Richard and Nathaniel again. And I also want to complete that book and would like to know more from it.

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The reason I cut the stars was, I could get into the book in the beginning. I was not feeling the charm and grip until 18% of the book I didn’t have much hope for the book, if I was not in the mood to continue the book, I might have gave up. And then there was constant feeling of no proper explanation and details specially for the events happened in first chapter. (I’m glad I didn’t give up and after that first 18%, the book was brilliantly awesome.)

The e-copy I read, there was no map!! This books so damn need a map. I hope it is added in final physical copy.


This was creative dark fantasy novel, that will give horrors and thrill in every every chapter with great twist and turns. I strongly recommend this book to all fantasy lovers.


Author: Kevin Hammond

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*** Note: I received book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got a chance to read this book. ***

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