Tareh Chronicles: King’s Promise by Michael Stott

TAREH chronicle

Published: March 3rd 2017 by CreateSpace

Read Date: September 18th 2017

Pages: 488

Stars: 3.5/5

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The planets Tareh and Earth, connected by a wormhole, share many similar plants, animals, and civilizations. However, just because something is extinct on one, does not mean it has disappeared on the other.

Sam, the King’s second son, after escaping into the wilds across the mighty White River, falls ill and is unable to fend for himself. Lal, a poor girl from the village, runs away from home to avoid an arranged marriage to an old man. Drawn by the smoke from Sam’s smoldering fire, she finds him weak and near death.

The two new friends set about surviving in the unforgiving wilderness. Unfortunately, young and inexperienced Human children are not equipped for life outside. Aid comes in the form of a family of Neanderthals, still in existence on Tareh, and well adapted to living in the forest.

Together they discover a shared history of a time long ago, when Neanderthals helped Humans, and a King made a promise to his Neanderthal friends. Can the two learn from each other now? And can Sam fulfill the ancient promise of his family line?


Blurb says all about the story. It was revolving around the life on Tareh, King’s younger son Sam and his adventure in the forest, Neanderthal and their ways of living.

I have mixed feeling for this book. One part of me thinks it was brilliant plot, unique concept with lot pf potential. While on the other part it was just okaayyy. It was not bad that I’m sure but it was not that impressive.


Humans (Sam’s group): Sam– Younger son of king, was smart, strong, loyal friend, and was great leader. I liked how this character developed in this book especially he surprised me in the end. Lal– She was lovely and smart girl. Her knowledge in building house, cooking, and her wish to learn like men was admirable in this ancient period of the book. Tyn– was all calculative business minded person who was questioning everything and knew writing and reading among these 5 humans. I never like a third person in the book so in my eyes, he was okay. Lyn – Tyn’s sister, she didn’t have much role in this book. Rask– Lieutenant in king’s army. He was nice, I like how he planned mission after climax.

Numan: I liked Zane and his family. How they helped Sam and Lal, accepted them and learned things from these two humans, their development in the book was tremendous. I simply loved them.

Together they made good story in the book.

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Loved world building- creating whole new planet Tareh where species extinct on Earth ages ago are still living, definitely fascinating and was unique thinking. Writing was simple, easy and natural.

At first, I didn’t notice it was third person narrative. As I started reading, I felt like I was reading from character’s POV but after few chapters when it started to change from paragraph to paragraph, I realized my mistake. I liked this style. It showed all characters view point towards others and situation and it made it easy to understand all characters.

Majority of the book was Sam and Lal’s camping in forest, their survival techniques, building a place to live, meeting to Zane and learning the ways of Numans and their culture. If you remember ‘Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island’ – the second part of that book which was mostly about surviving on the island, this was exactly like that but imagining it back to Neanderthal era and in forest. In fact like there were 5 prisoners in Mysterious Island, here there were 5 Humans on the land of Numans. I wonder if author was inspired by this classic while writing this book. I kind of liked all those survival tactics.

The stories about Numans and their ancestors, thier ways of living and how they shared a history with Humans, the story of mixed blood of Numans and Humans, was interesting. I liked those story exchanged between Zane and Sam and his group that unraveled what was King’s promise (which was not so drastic). I liked reading all the stories and also about of prehistoric animals- mammoths, long toothed cats that were still living on Tareh. I felt like I was reliving history in this book.

The book also showed the difference between Numans and Humans; how Humans grew in population while very few Numans survived and in fact were on verge of extinction Tareh; what Numans needed to learn from Humans to survive; and also importance of farming. The very base of the story was teaching the importance of ‘change’ that is required for all living creature to survive. And that part, the characters realizing this importance of change and benefit in working together as one species, was best part of the book. I also liked the how author showed smartness of women in patriarchal era and making characters appreciate that.

‘The old ways have always worked. What was good for our father is good for us! That is how we lived. Why we need to keep up with Humans?’

‘Because, if you don’t you are simply in the way… Men will take what is yours, and you will be crushed like bugs on the ground. If you don’t keep up, your people will die.’ ”

The hunting part in the book was exciting. I was holding my breath when they encountered long toothed cat. And the events later was horrifying. I was wincing whenever they did stiches and operations in ancient ways in the book.

Did I mention there was a map in the book? It was simpler one showing the journey of Sam and his group but come on that was a MAAPPPP!!! Who doesn’t like maps in books!!

End was predictable but with small twist.

Well the wormhole was mentioned in the prologue and epilogue, in between was all about Tareh. So, don’t miss prologue and epilogue as explains how Earth and Tareh are connected and why the species that were extinct on earth long ago are still living on Tareh and how they reach there. Also it’s important part for the next book of the series. That I’m already guessing what it will be and would like to see if I’m right or not.

why not 5 stars_edited

Mention of wormhole in the starting of the book. It gave impression of sci-fic, it started so well and so many things could happen, I was kind of expecting alternate events on Earth and Tareh which was obviously not the case, and it lessened the spark.

Too descriptive. Some things felt like not necessary and too dragged. At some points it felt like I was just reading day-to-day activity of characters and even the season-wise.

Not so drastic climax and twist or turning points. It was just ok. I didn’t feel much excitement that I expected.


As a debut novel and first book in the series, I liked it. I’m expecting more from next books of the series. If you like history, would like to know about Neanderthals and ancient ways, if you enjoy reading surviving techniques, some unique world building, you will like this book.


Author: Michael Stott

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