Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2017

wrap-up August

Hello Everyone! It was raining almost whole month here in India so I spend my weekends at home only and of course reading. 🙂 Rain, Books and Tea what else you want for happy month!

Ahm! I don’t have a diary for monthly planner so I printed out planner sheet and filled it. I wanted this kind of ‘at- glance calendar’ since I started blog especially to note blitz/ cover/ tour dates. Okay, here is the pic of that and please ignore that bad writing and my poorest attempt to decorate it.


I’m running and hiding somewhere! Ew! I won’t use sketch pens next month.

I participated in page count contest organized by a group on Goodreads (YA Buddy Readers’ Corner) this month so I know how many pages I read this month. I participate almost every month in this group. 

Books I read and reviewed were-

(click on cover to visit goodreads page of book; Titles were lead you to reviews)

Fantasy / YA:


Destiny (Forever #2) by India R. Adams

Stars: 5

I know every month I read one book by India. I can’t help but read anything written by this versatile author. Emotional book with heavy topics and beautiful romance and friendship.

no plain rebel cover

No Plain Rebel (No Ordinary Star #2) by M.C. Frank

Stars: 5

This installment bring out all curiosity present in the world into me. I loved this series and can’t wait to see what happens in the next book.

magic shop

The Magic Shop (The Shadow Magic Series #1) by Justin Swapp

Stars: 3.5

Wonderful magical world and concept with exciting magical adventure.

Horror / Dark Fantasy:


The Bride of Glass (Glass Vault, #2) by Candace Robinson

Stars: 5

very different than usual books of this genre, fast paced, and loved surprises. I loved it.


NMM FINAL front cover 5.06x7

No More Maybes by Elizabeth Stevens

Stars: 4

Nice, cozy, and clean YA Romance


Ananta Shesha

Ananta Shesha Naga: Rise of Demon Prince by Sanjeev K. Sharma

Stars: 2

I was not happy with this book. Poor editing and poor execution. It kind of made me cautious for selecting books in this genre. :/

yama 2

Yama’s Lieutenant and the Stone Witch by Anuja Chandramouli

Stars: 5

I’m glad I had this book to restore my love for this genre. It was adventurous mythical saga. I love this author’s writing.


shepherds mayday

Shepherds’ Mayday by Helen Bea Kirk

Stars: 4.5

Character driven beautiful realistic fiction.

Travel Fiction:

the trip

The Trip by Rohit Bandri

Stars: 4

Feel-good, relaxing and cozy ‘Trip’ that you would like to read on your trip.

Psychological Fiction:

manipulated lives

Manipulated Lives by H.A. Leuschel

Stars: 4

Manipulated Lives collection of stories telling lot of about manipulators and Stockholm syndrome. This stories changed my view towards the world. Author has written all stories with a perfect flow. 



Freak by Erin Lee

Stars: 5

Freak was freaking best book of this this month. Awesome book with lot of lessons to learn through deep intense thoughts of characters. 

Have you noticed there were 4 books second in the series this month. 3 very insightful books, so I learned lot of things this month. overall and biggest lesson of the month was stay away from bullies and manipulator or better kick and punch them on the first sight.

Saturday short stories I read were:


  1. Saturday Short-Story Review: The Call of the Swamp by Davide Cali
  2. Saturday Short Story Review: 1. The Cycling Wangdoos 2. Bicycling Rules of the Road by Kelly Pulley
  3. Saturday Short Story Review: A Ranch Bordering the Salty River by Stephen Page
  4. Saturday Short-Story Review: At Horizon’s End by Chris Sarantopoulos

First 2 were children’s picture book, 3rd was poetry and last one was fiction.

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Awards/ Tags:

Unique Blogger Award!

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Blogger Recognition Award

How was your month in reading? What have you read? Do we share common books from this list?

Happy Reading! 🙂


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