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Destiny (Forever #2) by India R. Adams


Published: May 16th 2017 by India’s Productions

Read Date: August 2nd 2017

Stars: 5/5

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Destiny is second book of Forever Series and should be read in continuation of first book Serenity.

Blurb (in my words)-

Country singer Destiny and Serenity are connected with each other from many lifetimes. Having a special gifts, pure heart, and the past lives has something to do with the present life. Destiny has taken Derek under her wings and guides him in his musical career. While on the journey of this new found career of Derek, Serenity and destiny comes closer to each other and so the crew of Serenity and boys of Destiny. They come closer to understanding this connection between them, the connection that can save Serenity and Destiny and also can put both in danger.
With growing connection and growing gifts of Serenity and Destiny, all characters  discover more truths about them. They become more cautious, ready to protect these magical ladies, they adore.
The more Destiny and Serenity shine, the more darkness they attract. Can these group of protectors save them from ever growing darkness which can take any form anywhere in the world?

My view:

my view_edited
Alert! Alert! It’s damn emotional heartbreaking story. It includes bullying, abuse, rape, privacy invasion, media harassment. It will definitely give heart attack. I don’t know who performed CPR but I’m alive. Yeeyyy for that. And I have this very bad feeling that this is just beginning and more will come in the next book of the series ‘Mercy’. (Have a mercy on me India. 😉 ) So readers be prepared, harden your heart.
Another scary thing apart from all these was ‘Preface’. India scares me right from the beginning in all her books. And keep wishing me oh God, no, this is not going to happen in the book!

Characters– ‘Destiny’ mainly focus on ‘double’- double D and S, couples, and 2 main characters with magical gifts. Am I making this confusing? Sorry!! Okay, so 2 Couples Serenity-Derek and Swayer-Destiny. 2 main characters- Serenity and Destiny. Now it will be clear.
There were many characters in this book, as both Destiny’s boys and Serenity’s crew were together with new characters too in the book. I loved all of them, they all developed with Destiny and Serenity in the book. They all were such a good people with so much understanding and without any jealousy and selfishness that I wish they become real to make this world beautiful as they did for Serenity and Destiny. Apart from my favorite couple Jose and Jolene, I loved 2 bodyguards most as they guided well and talked sense to the featuring couples of the book.
I liked both Destiny and Serenity, but Serenity annoyed me a little as she was too innocent that she couldn’t see how her action will turn out and which she couldn’t bear. Though, it made story more realistic I wish she start acting mature and listen to Derek. Same goes for Destiny.
What I liked? All characters and story, I liked this whole book and India’s flawless writing.
First few chapter of the book cover the brief summary of the first book ‘Serenity’. Amazing opening of the book with the court session. Magical connection, Music, Emotions, Loyalty, Love and Friendship controlled this book. This book shed a light on-
Derek’s career in music industry. I don’t have any musical bone but I loved to know more about music industry in this book. The songs and lyrics in the book were mesmerizing specially ‘my pledge one’.
Destiny’s past life and her fears was heart-wrenching. I can’t believe Destiny has gone through all those horrible thing. It literary broke my heart. While just reading in the book, those scene can disturb me at such high level, I can’t imagine the pain of those who have suffered this cruelty in their real life.
The struggle of characters with their growing fame. Among all dark things of the book, invasion of privacy by media and fans was more highlighted and infuriating. Privacy is one thing I can’t compromise with and so this part touched my nerves. I wanted to kill those reporters. How their mind could work with such negativity! It showed the true face of celebrity’s life. I’m glad I’m normal ordinary person.
Bullies and name calling thing in the book was really disturbing. And the reason they created names for Serenity was just idiotic. I loved it when Serenity called them crazies and how Destiny explained it as a darkness. That’s the proper name for them. I guess every topic of this book was touching my nerve and it is coming out in this review.
And of course we learn more about magical connection between characters. The songs written by Destiny in the first book was described more clearly in this book. I loved learning about Destiny how she wrote in journal, how she connected with Serenity and learned about her gifts. I liked how she explained everything about her and Serenity’s gift to Derek about the darkness they were in fight with. The danger she was in, the threats she was receiving gave a more clue on what is going to come in the next books. 
The emotions in the book were so raw that I knew what was coming in the book from very beginning, also at few points in the story, I was even prepared for the worst and still it touched my heart with a force. Not whole book was sad. There were many funny moments that made me laugh out loud and were soothing and a great relief in-between terrible moments. I like India’s humor in this book. I was crying mess at some point and laughing like manic at the other.
The pledge thing was really touching and awe-inspiring. I wonder how other characters recognized that connection. How they felt they need to pledge. The best moment of the book that I loved most was, when Destiny showed Serenity her worth. My favorite lines are from this part-

I believe people need to hold themselves accountable for their space,,,,, And we should love our space, which is truly loving ourselves.

This book was comparatively slow than the first one, but the slow pace was worth it. And I can’t read such heavy topic with express speed. I love India’s writing and stories for never giving me a negative point to write.

Overall, I was lost in the book totally. It was damn emotional meaningful book with heavy topics and beautiful romance and friendship.
Who should read it? I recommend this book to everyone. There something to learn for everyone.

Author: India R. Adams

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*** Note: I received book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got a chance to read this book. Many thanks to author. ***

What do you think about the book and my review? Have you read this book or any books by India R. Adams? Share your thoughts in the comment-box below.

Happy Reading! 🙂


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