Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2017

wrap-up July
Hello Everyone!
I hope you had a great July reading month. I’m very bad at starting a post i will jump to what I read this month. Let me check my Goodreads quickly…… Yeah, I’m that bad! I checked it to see how many books I read. 😛
So, I read and reviewed total 10 books, 5 short stories
(click on the cover to check out book on Goodreads and Titles will take you to my reviews)

Paranormal Romance:

Rain (A Stranger in the Woods #1) by India R. Adams

Stars: 5/5

This was 5th India’s book I read. (Yes, I love India’s writing and I’m going to read all of her books.) /  Elves, demons, Romance ruled this book / Emotional roller coaster.

Paranormal / Fantasy:


Diary of Anna the Girl Witch 3: Fighting Witch by Vic Connor

Stars: 5/5

Sarcastic young witch Anna and her magic was heart of the book / Adventurous / Refreshing / Feel-good book. And with this book I have completed ‘Diary of Anna the Girl Witch’ series.

Thriller / Mystery:

other girl

The Other Girl by Erica Spindler

Stars: 4.5/5

A lead female sleuth / gruesome chilling opening / Not much guesswork / Predictable but enjoyable / Dysfunctional family drama / Thrilling.

Hanover House

Hanover House (The Evelyn Talbot Chronicles 0.5) by Brenda Novak

Star: 3.5/5

Not for faint-hearted / That’s the house of world’s worst serial killer and psychopaths / Categorized under thriller romance but trust me it’s not focused totally on romance / 2-3 points made me cut the stars but definitely thrilling.

Goan chase F

Goan Chase: Take Three Mysteries by Richa Sambhy Mediratta

Stars: 4.5/5

Take three mysteries- Three incidents or a hint to solve, Three mystery solver / Beach mystery / Set in India / Gripping, fast paced / Short and less suspects.

Science Fiction:

no ordinary star cover

No Ordinary Star (No Ordinary Star, #1) by M.C. Frank

Stars: 5/5

Book is  Broken in 3 parts, this one was first. Futuristic / Dystopian / Wonderful world-building / New concept.


Avians F

Avians by Timothy Gwyn

Star: 4/5

Characters were female gliders pilots. Go girls! / Other planet setting / Dramatic and interesting / Great world-building but few points felt missing. 

YA/ Contemporary:

speed of life

Speed of Life by Carol Weston

Star: 5/5

Funny / Speedy / Cute high-school romance / Entertaining / Meaningful / Coming-of-age book.

Erotica / Romance:


Self’s Blossom by David Russell

Stars: 3/5

Sexy descriptive literature/ Focused on character’s unruly thoughts, not story


On the other hand

On the Other Hand: The Little Anthology of Big Questions by Renée Paule

Stars: 5/5

I never thought I will enjoy Non-fiction book and that is also first non-fic book for me. / More philosophical than self-help / Book need open, clear and adapting mind to understand very plain unveiled truth.

piglette f

Piglettes by Clémentine Beauvais

Stars: 4/5

This ARC I read earlier but posted review this month.

Funny / Witty / cycletrip / Great moral behind story / Entertaining.

Short stories:

Good reads Links-

  1. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29740508-environmentally-friendly
  2. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35080838-the-highway-man
  3. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33115353-dead-over-heels
  4. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35222594-love-life-dreams
  5. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/32968591-strungballs


1. Saturday Short Story Review: Environmentally Friendly by Elias Zanbaka

Stars: 4.5/5

quick thrilling story

2. Saturday Short Story Review: The Highway Man by J. Alchem

Stars: 4/5

Collection of 3 interesting stories

3. Saturday Short-Story Review: Dead over Heels by Theresa Braun

Stars: 5/5

Emotional ghostly short story

4. Saturday Short Story Review: Love, Life & Dreams: A cocktail of five short stories by Rebekah

Stars: 4/5

Collection of 5 chick-lit stories.

5. Saturday Short Story Review: Strungballs by Mike Russell

Stars: 2.5/5

Very strange and weird.

Author Interview:

Author Interview: Netherfield Prep by Elizabeth Stevens
Author Interview: ‘On The Other Hand’ by Renée Paule

Awards/ Book tags:

Who am I? Tag
TAG: Desert Island Discs Blog Tag
Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag
Sunshine Blogger Award
Suntag: The Cookie Book Tag!

Cover Reveal:

Cover Reveal: Princesses of the Night by Teresa Fuentez & Tich Brewster
Cover Reveal: The Rules of Persuasion by Amity Hope
Cover Reveal: The Caged Trilogy by HG Lynch

Book Blitz:

Book Promo: Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold (Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency #1)by Iain Reading
Book Promo: Pigeon Blood Red by Ed Duncan
Book blitz & Giveaway: Sketches of My Soul by TC Booth
Yup that’s it… !!

How was you reading month? Have you read any books from this list? If so, what did you think about it? And If not, are you planning to read any book from this list? Share you thoughts in the comment-box below.
Happy Reading! 🙂


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