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The Breakdown by B. A. Paris


Expected publication: July 18th 2017 by St. Martin’s Press

Read Date: June 6th 2017

Stars: 4.5/5

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The Breakdown – An intriguing mystery thriller. I loved it.

I heard about this book a lot before I requested from Netgalley that I so badly wanted read it. And when my request accepted,,, yeyyy! I was so excited… I must say, this book didn’t disappoint me.

Blurb (in my words)

On the way from party to her cottage, Cass takes a short cut through wood in the stormy night. On noticing a woman in car in woods, she slowed down if in case that woman needs her help but decides not to stop. Next day’s news- the woman she saw in the car found dead. Later she finds out the victim was her new friend.

This changes her whole life. Gnawing Guilt and regret makes her life difficult. She starts forgetting things but not that stormy night. And then there is silent caller.

Who is this murderer and who is the silent caller? Will Cass ever get over this unfortunate events and save herself or will breakdown for forever?

My view:

Best line from the book:

“.. images of last night flashes through my mind, one after the other, like still in a film. I see the car ahead of me on the road, I see myself swerving out around it, I see myself turning my head to look at the driver. And then I see the blur of a woman’s face, looking back at me through the window.

Isn’t this line intriguing? The book is like that exactly.

Characters- I liked Cass. Initially I was impatient with her. Initially, I couldn’t understand why she was so much affected by all things. She could do a lot good, trust herself and could save herself. As book progressed and once the things started to come in view one by one, I just liked her. And I thought, ‘where she was all this time,, that’s the woman character I wanted to see in the book’. And yes, I don’t have any complains at the end. Antagonist was wicked, cold-hearted and smart. I liked the way all characters were displayed.

What I liked in the book? First of all, starting of the book, first chapter, it just hooked me to the book. The emotions and feelings of characters especially of Cass- guilt, fear, anger, and frustration- all she was feeling and suffering was just perfect.

Initially I was too impatient to read this part. I just wanted to reach to the climax and wanted to check whether my hypothesis was correct or not and as I was reaching to that point, I don’t regret reading it. In fact, this middle part of the book, about Cass’s emotions and her life after murder, kept me on the edge, kept me thinking what is going to come next, when and how. Her memory lapses just took me to different direction while I was reading, it confused me on my theories for a moment. That was plus point for the book.

Storyline was good. I was reading pretty fast. That happens to me whenever I read mystery/thriller. My reading speed becomes from bicycle to express train. The plot was so nice that increased it more.

Climax- last 30% of the book. Brilliant! Can I give all stars to this part? I just loved it. Twist and turn was unexpected and very exciting.

End of the book was also good.

What I didn’t like? No what it lacked? A hole in the book. In just first few chapters, I could guess who the culprit was. There was a thing that I couldn’t buy and I had a doubt regarding that character. I made a hypothesis and Bingo! It was 20% correct and rest was a surprise for me. I was right about that person. Author proved me wrong in the way I thought things would be. I liked this book for that. And I love it when I can do that. That’s why I’m saying it “a hole” and not “I didn’t like it”.

I’m not expert mystery thriller reader and still I could guess things, then it can be much easier for those who are reading this genre since long time. Middle part about Cass’s emotions and feeling. It was little stretched. Some readers can lose their patience here.

Overall, fast-paced, intriguing, a good read. I enjoyed reading it.

Who should read it? Mystery thriller lovers, Grab this book.

Author: B. A. Paris

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

*** Note: I received a review copy of this book via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to Publisher and author. ***

Have you read this book already? Have you read any other books by B. A. Paris? What do you think about the book and my review? Share your thoughts in the comment-box below.

Happy Reading! 🙂


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