In the Weeds
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In the Weeds (Lovelight #2) by B.K. Borison – second-chance romance

In the Weeds is a delightful, heartwarming, sweet, and spicy second-chance romance with beautiful farm setting and lovely close knit small town.

In the Weeds

In the Weeds (Lovelight #2) by B.K. Borison

Publication Date : April 18, 2022

Publisher : Berkley

Read Date : June 7, 2024

Genre : Romance

Pages : 334

Source : eBook won in GR challenge

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Previous book in Series-

Lovelight Farms (Book 1)


Evelyn St. James isn’t the kind of woman you forget.

Beckett Porter certainly hasn’t. One incredible weekend in Maine, and he’s officially a man distracted. He’s not unfamiliar with hot and heavy flings. He knows how it goes. But Evie wove some sort of magic over him during their tumble in the sheets. He can’t stop thinking about her laugh. Her hand pressed flat against his chest. Her smiling mouth at his neck.

Also, her eyes. And her legs.

So when she suddenly appears on his farm as part of a social media contest, he is … confused. He had no idea that the sweet and sexy woman he met at a bar is actually a global phenomenon: social media influencer Evelyn St. James. When she disappears again, Beckett resolves to finally forget her and move on.

But Evelyn St. James has a problem.

Feeling disconnected from her work and increasingly unhappy, she’s trying to find her way back to something real. She returns to the last place she was happy, Lovelight Farms and the tiny town of Inglewild.

It has absolutely nothing to do with the hot farmer she spent two incredible nights with.

Nothing at all.

In The Weeds is a sweet and steamy second-chance romance about finding your happiness. It features a grumpy farmer, a no-nonsense social media influencer, a small town of busybodies, and four very cute kittens. In The Weeds is a standalone romance and is part of the Lovelight series.


Evelyn is a famous social media influencer who has helped many small businesses find their footing. However, she recently felt stuck in a rut, unhappy with her work. So, she decided to do something she had never done before—take a break from social media to rediscover her happiness. To her surprise, she realized the last place she truly felt happy was Inglewild.

It wasn’t just because of Beckett, with whom she had a two-day fling three months ago before featuring Lovelight Farm in her social media contest; she genuinely felt at peace at the farm. But when she arrives in Inglewild, there’s no room available to stay or rent. By chance, she meets Beckett again, and he offers her a place to stay at his house until she finds one.

Yep, this town is meddling and there is no room available as long as Evelyn stays forcing both Evelyn and Beckett to deal with their feelings.

The writing is as amazing and cozy as a warm blanket, much like the previous book. I loved both Evelyn and Beckett’s perspectives, and the town itself became a character I adored.

I liked Evelyn from the beginning. She was exceptional at her work, and I loved how she realized she needed a break to get back in her element. Her burnout is highly relatable. It was wonderful to see her journey to find happiness. I loved how she helped everyone in town and at the farm, going with the flow and slowly putting down roots both in the town and Beckett’s house.

It warmed my heart when she decided to stay and it wasn’t just Beckett but everything she felt staying at Lovelight Farm and in Inglewild.

Beckett, the grumpy, tattooed kitten dad, is a well of emotion. This big guy has so many feelings hidden inside, and he’s soft like a warm blanket. It’s surprising that he has all the town’s women swooning over him, yet he hasn’t found anyone who truly gets him apart from his family and friends. However, he isn’t very forthcoming with words. I loved how his social anxiety was represented here and it’s something many can relate to.

I felt bad for him, thinking he was just a stopping point for Evelyn. I felt even worse when he made decisions for Evelyn after all their spicy, cozy, and lovely moments together. I wanted to shake him and knock some sense into him. Thankfully, his father did, and his grand gesture to make things right with Evelyn was just amazing.

I also loved Stella, Layla, and Luka. Their support for Beckett when he felt down was heartwarming. Stella moving dig day ahead, Layla dropping her baked goods at Beckett’s doorstep, and Luka giving back Beckett’s words made my heart melt more than that romantic starry night Beckett and Evelyn shared.

Will it be bad if I say I loved Inglewild more than Beckett and Evelyn? It’s a breath of fresh air. The town meeting and the trivia night was hilarious and the Inglewild Phone Tree was the best. It makes me want to pack my bags and move to this welcoming, meddling, but supportive and lovely little town.

This is the sweetest and most heart-melting second-chance romance I’ve ever read. What I loved most is that while Evelyn and Beckett had chemistry, they fell in love through the simple, everyday routines they shared.

Overall, In the Weeds is a delightful, heartwarming, sweet, and spicy second-chance romance with beautiful farm setting and lovely close knit small town.

What to expect from In the Weeds-

Small town romance
Second chance romance,
Farm setting
Forced proximity
Grumpy x Sunshine
Opposites attract 
Relatable and likable main characters

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Delightful, heartwarming, sweet, and spicy #secondchance #romance – In the Weeds (Lovelight #2) by B.K. Borison #InTheWeeds | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check out full review –> Share on X
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