Mr. Hook up
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Mr. Hook Up by Marni Mann – enjoyable, steamy, workplace romance

Mr. Hook Up is enjoyable, steamy, workplace romance. I liked the concept here and this had lots of potential but it was predictable.

Mr. Hook up

Mr. Hook Up (Hooked #1) by Marni Mann

Publication Date : October 3, 2023

Read Date : May 12, 2024

Genre : Romance

Source : Kindle Unlimited

Pages : 322

Rating: 3 out of 5.


They’ve made the ideal connection on a hot new no-strings hook-up app. But their hearts have other plans in an unpredictable and wildly sexy romance by a USA Today bestselling author.

Hooked. An app designed for the ideal one-night stand is the brainchild of Harvard graduate students Easton Jones and his two best friends. When Easton creates his Hooked profile, he gets a 100 percent perfect match.

Who is this sure thing? Her username is Love.

Their chemistry is off-the-charts explosive, and just when Easton begins falling for her, she disconnects from the app and disappears.

Five years later, Hooked is now the number one dating app in the country.

But that’s not the only thing on fire.

Easton’s brilliant, gorgeous new recruit, Drake Madden, has ignited a desire he hasn’t experienced in years. Professionally and personally, they’re sizzling.

Just as things really start getting serious, Love resurfaces. She wants a chance to explain, and she’s sending Easton’s heart into rewind.

He has a loving woman in the flesh and a fantasy from his past—Easton’s world is about to be rocked.

And rocked hard.


Mr. Hook Up is enjoyable, steamy romance that started with three friends- Easton, Holdon, and Grayson created a dating app, Hooked, when they were still grads. Easton’s journey took a captivating turn when he encountered a 100% match, SaarasLove. One sizzling night and weeks of chatting ensues but they couldn’t meet again and one day Love vanished from Easton’s life, leaving behind a love-struck heart.

Now, after five years, Hooked is now national app soon going to be international. The company needs a Director of App Development and Engineering, and fate intervenes once more as Drake emerges as a candidate. It’s easy to figure out SaarasLove and Drake is the same. It was interesting to see how they are going to figure it out.

Writing is gripping and fast paced. I really enjoyed first half of Mr. Hook Up. Reading half of the story from Easton’s perspective is something different than other romance books I have read so far. We get to know Easton and his friends more and I enjoyed how he connected with SaarasLove without even seeing her face or knowing her name.

My heart ached for Easton when Love left without warning. I could see she was going though tough time, they were young and scared of commitment or long distance relationship but Easton didn’t deserve that. I could see where the story was going. Mr. Hook Up pretty straightforward and there weren’t any big surprises until the climax. What I didn’t anticipate was Drake coming clean about her identity early in the story.

However, the rest of the story was okay. There was more physical intimacy rather than emotional depth. I couldn’t see their relationship developing and the connection between them. Despite their 100% compatibility, their connection seemed confined to the realm of passion, lacking the resonance expected of soulmates. I kind of tired of reading the detailed sex scenes after some point.

One positive thing is there is not third act break up. The culprit setting Drake up in climax brought interesting twist in the plot and I thought it would wedge a big gap in their relationship but Easton handled it much better. However culprit’s motive fell short of expectations.

Overall, Mr. Hook Up was enjoyable workplace romance, had lots of potential and it hooked me to the story for most part. I just wish there was more drama and complexities and a more balanced portrayal of intimacy and emotional depth.

What to expect from Mr. Hook Up

Alpha hero
Workplace romance
Second chance
Secret romance

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