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Season’s Schemings by Katie Bailey – delightful Christmassy sports romance

Season’s Schemings is entertaining, fun, cozy, delightful, Christmassy, no-conflict romcom that I recommend to all holiday and sports romance readers.

Season's Schemings

Season’s Schemings by Katie Bailey

Publication Date : December 1, 2023

Publisher : Eleventh Avenue Publishing Inc

Read Date : December 24, 2023

Genre : Romcom

Pages : 267

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Tis the season to get even…

When Maddie Grainger’s longtime boyfriend dumps her on TV for the entire world to see, she thinks she’s hit rock bottom.

Until her parents announce that they’re spending the holidays with her ex’s family… And he’ll be bringing the woman he left her for.

All Maddie wants for Christmas is to stick it to her cheating ex. But how?

Enter Sebastian Slater, the NHL’s most infamous player.

On a drunken night out in Vegas, Maddie asks the superstar athlete to pose as her new boyfriend. She’s kidding, mostly. But Seb shocks her by making a counter offer: he doesn’t want to date Maddie for the holidays… he wants to marry her.

Show up at her ex’s cabin alone, or with a surprise new hockey-playing husband? Maddie opts for the ultimate level up.

Because maybe, just maybe, revenge is a dish best served betrothed.

Sparks fly and Christmas cheer is abundant in this festive marriage of convenience rom com. Season’s Schemings is a closed door/fade to black romance that includes mild language, innuendo, and tons of sizzle without the spice.


Season’s Schemings is super light-hearted and fluffy romcom that made me laugh and smile throughout the book. I needed this after a series of brutal romances. It reminded me while I’m hooked to dark and not normal romance, I still love romcom that makes everything around me feel lovely.

Writing is gripping, entertaining, fast-paced and flawless. I enjoyed dual perspective and both characters have refreshing voice. Apart from flirty banter and hot kissing scene this is pure closed-door bedroom romance.

The plot seems straightforward and predictable, Sandra Bullock’s The Proposal reimagining minus grumpy tight-laced heroine and reluctant hero, and yet the author managed to make it stand out on its own.

It has everything one loves in Hallmark movies – awkward first meet, hilarious drunken night in Vegas that ends up with both characters getting married to fulfill their purpose (revenge on ex for Maddie and permanent visa for Seb that will let him play hockey), family drama, one bed, lost in the stormy night, and many sweet and lovely moments.

I loved both Maddie and Sebastian and was rooting for them from the beginning. It was amazing to see them developing feelings slowly. It was lovely to see how this relationship made Maddie gain confidence and have the courage to stand up for herself and how Seb for the first time in his life put his love for hockey on secondary and learned to give the people he loves priority.

I was worried about Maddie for what would happen once Seb got his visa and honestly, I expected there some misunderstanding especially when Seb got another contract but they both handled that situation very maturely.

All secondary characters made the plot even more entertaining. I enjoyed all the hockey matches and Seb’s teammates were just fabulous. I so loved how they planned a surprise wedding in the end. That was my most favorite scene in the entire book. End is perfectly lovely HEA. This was my first sports romance and I can definitely say it won’t be the last.

Overall, Season’s Schemings is entertaining, fun, cozy, delightful, Christmassy, no-conflict romcom that I recommend to all holiday and sports romance readers.

You might like Season’s Schemings if you love,

Christmas romance
Sports romance
Hallmark movie vibe
Closed-door romance
One bed scenario
Fake Relationship / Marriage of convenience
Vegas Wedding
Revenge on ex
Flirty banter
many lovely and hilarious moments

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