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Fallen Princeborn: Chosen by Jean Lee

Publication Date : October 27th 2020

Publisher : Rock Jars Press

Genre : Fantasy

Pages : 374

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Charlotte just wanted to start a new life with her sister Anna out of the reaches of their abusive uncle. When their journey led to Anna’s disappearance from human memory, Charlotte hunted for her sister and the mysterious creatures that took her behind an ancient Wall that hid a land of magic the world had long forgotten. Charlotte woke the Princeborn Liam Artair, and with his return the conflict between factions of the magical Velidevour turned cursed and deadly.

Now Charlotte must end this conflict before the land of River Vine and the inhabitants she’s befriended are consumed by Orna, Lady of the Pits, who is still very, very eager to see her beloved return. And Orna is not the only one who wants hold of the Princeborn Liam’s heart. These Velidevour come armed with firey wings, crimson claws, and pale fire, and like dead magic, they know no kindness.

The Bloody Days are soon returning, and they will not end until a choice is made, a choice that could tear the heart of River Vine apart.

Fallen Princeborn: Chosen is a direct continuation of Fallen Princeborn: Stolen. Recommended for fans of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust, Brigid Kemmerer’s A Curse So Dark and Lonely, and Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Mist and Fury.

*** Note : I received e-copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to author. ***

Previous book in Series :

Fallen Princeborn: Stolen

Fallen Princeborn: Chosen was fantastic dark fantasy that revolved around Charlotte and Liam’s growing relationship and trust in each other, their battle with Lady Orna and her minions who somehow has returned with vengeance and blood lust, and Liam’s family who are bigger trouble than Lady Orna. It was about good vs evil, dysfunctional family, betrayal, trust, love, letting go of past, and finding strength in love.

(TW: Child abuse, Pedophilia, violence, Sexual Predator, human/animal body experiment display)

Writing was easy to follow with short and crisp sentences, gripping and vivid. Story was written in third person narrative mainly from Charlotte and Liam’s perspective. The switch in perspective wasn’t distinct but once you get into it, you get used to rapid switch without any separation. Plot was interesting that started right from where the first book ended.

It started with another attack by Lady Orna and her minions on Rose House while Liam and Charlotte were resting after the bloody battle but with help of Rose House they could escape through secret passage at the bank of Lake Aranina. To escape Lady Orna, they had to cross the river that put them in another trouble with Stellaqui for trespassing their territory. I was curious to see how their meeting with Stellaqui queen would result, how they will fight Lady Orna when they returned on land, and what arrival of Laim’s family meant for Velidevour of River Vine and Liam and Charlotte’s relationship.

Characters were great. Villians were interesting, not just Lady Orna but Liam’s family as well. I was still puzzled how Lady Orna came back so fast from pit and acquired new kind of power that was deadly. Her incompletes were creepy but even creepier was Liam’s family. This family was full of crazies. They knew nothing more than blood, control, and power and their scheming mind were scariest place. They could go to any length to get whatever they want and let’s not talk about their ways of parenting. I really worried for Charlotte, Liam, Arlen and all other Velidevour.

With such powerful and dangerous villians, Liam and Charlotte also had friends who fought with them in any way they could. Arlen surprised me with his history and his family. As story progressed, we know more about him and the roots of conflict between him and Liam caused by Liam’s family. Dorjan was fun character. He made this dark and serious story lighter and lively. All other secondary characters were interesting and I’m curious to find out who betrayed Liam to his family in next book of this series.

Liam was great throughout the book. In last book we knew he was flawed, selfish and jealous but capable of love that made every character get over his bloody past and accept him with his flaws. In this book we see his vulnerability. His struggle with past was touching and emotive. It was hard to read how much control his family had over him for centuries and how that made him do terrible things. I loved how he found out what true family really is through Arlen and his family. I admired him for fighting that control with love of Charlotte and Arlen.

Charlotte was amazing. I could see improvement in her character. She at last started listening her inner voice. She was brave, fierce, fiery, and sassy heroine. Like Liam said, she was warrior queen. I admired her for keeping cool head during fight, her fierce love for Liam, for being selfless by fighting along with Liam and Arlen for people of River Vine, and most of all for never loosing hope. What I loved most was we know more about her in depth, the way author showed her terrible past, how she wasn’t very much different from Liam, how she could relate and understand Liam, how she fought with her past and what made her the woman she was now. There was still mystery about her that might be revealed in next book of the series as along with high sage of Stellaqui, Celestines also found her interesting and were curious about her power.

World was well written. It was interesting to read more history of land and water, its people and their powers. Aether created all the magical beings in this world but worst were princeborns and we know more of their crimes in this book. Stellaqui were interesting creatures. I enjoyed reading about them and their old high sage. Celenstines were most powerful of all. By meeting them readers could see what was those magical rings that Lady Orna wore and now other princeborns were wearing.

Romance was different from other fantasy stories. World and character were more focused than romance and yet we could see Liam and Charlotte’s growing relationship, their growing trust and love. They were perfect match and I loved the way they fought together, supported each other, and turned each other’s weakness into that strength.  It got complicated on arrival of Liam’s family.

Twist and turns were well written. I couldn’t guess what will happen next. Climax was intriguing and action packed. Lot of things happened between climax and end. The way Charlotte and Arlen turned the table was amazing. Some characters got what they deserved while some escaped. End was a big cliff hanger. It ended with battle and the result of it will be revealed in next book.

One thing I would like to mention is, you need to read this book just after the first book. There was lot going on in both books and if there will be a gap or long break, you might have trouble in recalling important things or it might take longer to get into the book.  If you have taken break between books, I suggest to reread first book before going into this one.

Overall, Fallen Princeborn: Chosen was intriguing, fast paced and well written adult fantasy with punchy prose, rich world and non-stop action.

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What do you think about the book and review? Have you read this book or previous book in series? Which recent dark fantasy you enjoyed most?


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