August in life, blog, and books

Eventful August in life, blog, and books (2023)

Hello readers! I hope you all are well. August has been a busy and eventful month. Lots of things happened, few good but many bad, and because of that I couldn’t read much nor could be consistent with blog and blog hopping. Here is how my August in life, blog, and books was this year –

August in life, blog, and books

August in life-

I don’t where to start with this!

Furniture work is done in our flat. Colour is started. We selected upholstery for the sofa and chairs and also curtains that are with the tailor. Bathroom fittings are done. My kid’s room’s decor is painted. We might move into the house by mid-September.

My brother had a baby girl on 29th. But the baby was critical for first 24 hours as she swallowed meconium and because of that, there was oxygen drop and swelling in the lungs. We couldn’t even hold the baby and doctors put her on the ventilator. After a day things improved and docs removed the ventilator but she is still in NICU, needs assisted oxygen, and her lungs will take more than a week to recover. It’s been tense 24 hrs.

And my Kindle stopped working. We don’t have a center here in the city and I don’t know if it can be repaired with loss of data. (The email id i used in kindle is old and that gmail account is deleted! Don’t ask me how I made that mess!) So all old NetGalley books are gone. I haven’t thought about what I will do about it.

As for the reading, I couldn’t read much as last week I didn’t have time and I scheduled the drafts but the books I could read were good.

August in Reading –

Reading Stats –

Books read – 10 (4 children’s books; 2 short middle grade; 4 novels)
Pages read – 1796

Goodreads – 69/60

Books read

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The Hound of the Baskervilles is impressive, engaging, atmospheric, and well-written classic horror mystery featuring the best detective duo of literature. It was good to meet my favorite detectives once again. Writing is beautiful, engaging, and atmospheric. The setting of Dartmoor and Watson’s account of it is the best part of the story along with mystery. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Dictionary People is informative, fascinating and well-researched nonfiction about the contributors of OED, Oxford English Dictionary, without whom success of OED would not have been possible. This shows author’s enthusiasm and how much she loved the dictionary and its history and how much she research she did to write the book. However, this often was exhaustive read and dull at some points. So it might not be for everyone. ⭐⭐⭐

My Roommate Is a Vampire is an entertaining, delightful, fluffy cute vampire romcom with many laugh-out-loud and some silly moments. I loved the concept of an eccentric 300 yrs old landlord trying to adapt in the modern world with the help of a human roommate and trying not to involve feeling in it. Both characters are lovely and adorable. Romance is super heartwarming, cute, and a little slow-burn.  I had a fun time reading this. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Her Radiant Curse is a captivating, enchanting, action-packed, and bittersweet YA Fantasy with fairytale-style writing and beautiful sibling bond. I loved the concept of two sisters one beautiful and the other cursed with a snake face that gives it element of beauty and beast. Theme and layers were amazing. It was great to know more about Raikama and her life before becoming the queen. This ties with Six Crison Cranes duology very well. ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5

Vaccines for Smartypants fun, cute, and beautifully illustrated concept book for primary graders that all kids would love to flip through. I liked how the author explained all scientific terms making it easy for kids to understand what is an antibody, what is immune system, T-cells, and how they fight germs. 

Newton’s Laws of Motion for Smartypants is amusing and entertaining concept book with beautiful illustrations and simple language that helps kids know what is Newton’s law and why it is important.

Earthquakes for Smartypants fun, informative, and beautifully illustrated concept book about Earthquakes. The author explained- what is Earthquake, where it happens, and why it happens flawlessly including details of the layers of Earth, forces in the Earth, and other terms related to Earthquakes like fault lines, epicenter, body wave, and surface wave and how the magnitude of the Earthquake is measured- so well.

How to Reach Mars and Other (Im)possible Things is an amazing, informative, and inspiring Women in STEM book for young readers. This is is based on India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MoM) and its success in 2014. I loved how the author included facts about Mars, the payload and what is it, where it is developed in India, who worked on MoM project, how they made it work on small budget, how they send spacecraft to the launch site… It was all explained through conversations, pictures, and comic art which makes it fun for kids.

The Letter to Lahore is captivating, courageous, and well-written Indian historical fiction unsung tale of heroes of freedom struggle. I loved theme and layers and bond between kids who turned out the real heroes of the story. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Postcard from the Lushai Brigade is touching, emotive, and beautifully written middle-grade historical fiction about sibling bond, the innocence of youth, and the reality of war and its impact on lives. I loved theme and layers, cultural myths and legends and also messages. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Best Book of The Month

As for children’s books, I think all books were amazing.

August in Blog –

August in blog

It’s been another good month stats-wise. Twisted Love got the majority of views. As I said I couldn’t blog-hop regularly but I made sure to catch up with posts whenever I got time. It will be same in September.

Other posts this month –

Red, White & Royal Blue Book Vs Movie

Plans for September –

We hope the new member of our family gets well soon and arrives home before Sept end.

We will be moving into the new house.

There is an engagement function in the middle of the month.

I have one tour book that I just started but for the rest of the month I’m going to mood-read and not worry about how much I can read with so many things to do this month. I also will not have fixed time of posting.

This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon 2023 

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat..,

How was you August? what are your plans for September?
Have you read any of these books or plan to?

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