10 Kickass Heroines I Love in Fantasy and Sci-Fi
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10 Kickass Heroines I Love in Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Hello readers! I had this idea of listing my favorite heroines I have come across so far and to my surprise, all of them are from fantasy and sci-fi books or maybe it’s no surprise as all the heroines in fantasy and sci-fi go on battle/war and are courageous and bold who would kick the ass of baddies and wouldn’t sacrifice their self-respect even for love, they fight for the right thing. I know the other genres has kick-ass heroines who fight the everyday normal battle but the kind I love and make to my favorites are from fantasy and sci-fi genre so here are 10 Kickass Heroines I Love in Fantasy and Sci-Fi-

10 Kickass Heroines I Love in Fantasy and Sci-Fi

10 Kickass Heroines I Love in Fantasy and Sci-Fi

1. Inej – Six of Crows

She is one of my most favorite characters in Six of Crows. List of things I love about her is definitely big – tenacious, kick-ass, smart, religious, conscience, vulnerable yet fearless, deadly with her knives, silent as cat, swift and sure-footed more than mountain goats (maybe not the prettiest comparison but it’s apt). I admired and loved her for fighting her past and everything she has gone through and how many times she fell in life and story and got back up again braver and kicking life and problems in the backside.  She was simply amazing.

2. Zoya – Rule of Wolves

She wasn’t the easiest to like in this series with her jealousy and complicated feelings in Grisha trilogy and I didn’t understand her truly in that series but in King of Scars duology and especially in Rule of Wolves she was kick-ass and force to reckon with. Her powers kept growing to the point that even Darkling was afraid of her. But what made me love her most is her past, revelations of what made her who she was, why she was jealous and what made her change and develop from cold cruel girl of Grisha trilogy to the strongest person in Grishaverse.

3. Hanna – Gemina

I would have kicked myself for not including Hanna F***ing Donnely in top 3 of this list. She is literally kick-ass with her black belt fighting and strategic skills. I’m just amazed she didn’t panic, didn’t lose control with so much going on around her, not even when she lost her father and Nik later in the series. Her will, determination, confidence, bravery, and courage were just admirable.

4. Nina – King of Scars

Reckless, fiercely alive, strong and dangerous, Nina Zenik wasn’t my most favorite in Six of Crows but she sure made me add her to this list when I read King of Scars. Her loss and grief was most realistic and I liked how that changed her, how made her more purposeful and determined. She was strong as heartrender in previous books but in this with a change in her power, she was deadly, literally. What I loved most about her is her loyalty, hope, and ability to live and love again.

5. Jude – Wicked King

I liked Jude more and more as the series progressed. She is brave, clever, fierce, strong, and resilient. What I liked most about her was her conscience. Even with her love-hate relationship with faerie world, she cared about her home and put her own desire aside to save it from being ruined. She was put through a lot throughout the series and I loved how she fought back every time.

6. Ead – Priory of the Orange Tree

Ead was my most favorite character in the Priory of The Orange Tree. Badass, smart, clever, fearless warrior and a killer with a broader perspective who not just cared for her home but also for Inys and the whole of humanity. Throw the deadliest dragons and dangerous witches in her path and you will see her standing unfazed and ready for battle. She was half the reason I kept flipping pages of this tome.

6. Katniss – The Hunger Games

I didn’t review The Hunger Games on my blog but I don’t need to explain why she is here on this list. There are many things I loved about her in this series, her loyalty, love for her family, sacrifice, her actions, Archery skill, will and determination… She was fabulous throughout the series. I just didn’t like her being with Peeta

7. Isabelle Lightwood – Shadowhunters

It’s rare to come across a secondary character who is more strong and fierce than the main character. I have loved Isabelle from the very first book of Shadowhunters Chronicles. Strong, fiery, fierce, brave, courageous, rebellious, and loyal but above all she was more beneath her tough party girl exterior.

8. Annabeth – Percy Jackson

Another secondary character that loved as much as main charatcer. She is obvuiously smart and brilliant as a daughter of Athena but I loved her most for being loyal and her friendship and relationship with Percy even though their parent didn’t get along. She sure was shadowed by Percy throughout the series but I treasured scenes when she was given the lead even though it was for small part.

9. Zélie – Children of Blood and Bone

Another strong and fierce heroine with powerful magic of death and life. What I loved most about her is how empathetic even to princess and prince whose father had taken so much from her life. I liked she gave them a chance.

10. Jenna – Shielded

Jenna was fiery, fierce and strong female character. She was amazing warrior. I admired her love for her brother, father and kingdom, the way she kept her magic secret to keep throne secure for her brother. She was amazing throughout the book with her adventure, time in Turia and all the scenes from her secret identity to its revelation showed how amazing she was not just from outside but from inside.

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