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Weeza’s Great Escape by Katherine Cobb, Nadia Ilchuck (Illustrator) – dog memoir for kids of age 7 or more

Weeza’s Great Escape is a beautiful, touching, and hopeful dog memoir for kids of age 7 or more.

dog memoir for kids

Weeza’s Great Escape: One dog’s inspiring journey of hope by Katherine Cobb, Nadia Ilchuck (Illustrator)

Publication Date : November 3, 2022

Publisher : Bandito Publishing, LLC

Read Date : March 19, 2023

Genre : Children’s book / Nonfiction (mostly)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Discalimer – Many thanks to the author for sending a review copy.
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A little hound who just wants love. When she ends up in a pack of meanies, can this big-hearted dog find the courage to sniff out a better life?

Anxious, afraid and hungry most of the time, all Weeza wants is a loving family. When her owner takes her to the woods, she’s expected to hunt deer…but soon finds herself in world of trouble. Without thinking, she bolts into the unknown.

Now she’s all alone. And even though Weeza left behind a life she dreaded, at least it was one she knew. But if she’s brave enough to try, will this sweet hound find a special family that welcomes her gentle soul?

Inspired by a heartwarming true story of courage, hope and the power of kindness.


dog memoir for kids of age 7 or more

Weeza’s Great Escape is a touching and hopeful story of a dog who escaped an abusive owner and found her forever home. This is a heartfelt story of the fears, courage, and hope of a dog who went through hunger, was bullied by other dogs, and had a hard time trusting other humans and feeling safe.

The story is very short. The writing is lucid and easy to understand for kids but this is for a little older kids. My kid is 4 and she is too small for the story and I very much doubt she got the meaning behind the story. So I would say kid above 7 who could read and understand the words and meaning behind them and at the same time who aren’t very sensitive to reading about dogs being ill-treated. (I’ll be giving her this book again when she can read on her own and I know she might enjoy it more once she is a little older)

I loved the illustrations that brought the story to life. Even for kids who cannot read all the words, images tell the story itself. My kid loved pictures (she was more interested in looking at pictures while I read to her so that itself says a lot about illustrations).

I loved the author’s notes that suggest it’s a dog memoir as the story real story of her own dog, Wheeza, in town where hunting with hounds is common. While most hunters treat their hounds well, there are some who don’t and the fate of those dogs is very bad. Some fortunate like Wheeza can escape their owner and find kind people to make a new home but some wouldn’t be so lucky and live a stray life.

It’s a touching subject that teachers and parents would have to be helping guides to discuss it sensitively with kids. But I’m sure this will kindle empathy in children towards animals and will be happy to see Wheeza finally found her forever home.

Overall, Weeza’s Great Escape is a beautiful, touching, and hopeful children’s book about a dog’s inspiring journey of hope.

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