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Pet That Cat! by Nigel Kidd – children’s non-fiction about cats

Pet That Cat! is fun, informative, and well-written children’s non-fiction about cats with adorable illustrations.

Pet That Cat

Pet That Cat!: A Handbook for Making Feline Friends by Nigel Kidd, Rachel Braunigan (Contributor)

Publication Date : July 1, 2022

Publisher : Quirk Books

Read Date : October 10, 2022

Genre : Children’s Non-Fiction

Pages : 130

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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A fun and informative handbook for young readers on understanding and caring for our feline friends from the kid behind the popular Twitter account I’ve Pet That Cat!

Pet That Cat! A Handbook for Making Feline Friends is an illustrated guide to understanding, befriending, and caring for cats by Nigel Kidd and his mom, Rachel Braunigan.

This fact-filled and fun guide features:

• A guide to cat body language—what does it mean when your cat’s tail looks like a question mark or is puffed up?
• Helpful tips on how to safely interact with new feline friends. Hint: Let them approach first!
• Advice for adopting and caring for your own cat. Choose the perfect cat for you!
• Stories of cats throughout history and myth-busting facts—did you know every cat has a unique noseprint?
• A cat personality quiz and your very own Cat Tracker to record all the feline friends you meet!

This kid-friendly handbook pairs charming illustrations with an interactive format. With step-by-step guides, fascinating stories, and tips from cat experts and Nigel, Pet That Cat! is a must-have handbook for feline fans of all ages.

And for dog-lovers and kids curious about dogs, check out Pet That Dog! A Handbook for Making Four-Legged Friends.


informative children’s non-fiction about cats

Pet That Cat! is informative book about cats that can help kids learn about cats and encourage to know the cat better and make their own feline friends.

I loved the way book is sectioned each section has lots of information about cat. Throughout the book there is lots of tips, fun facts, and myths that are proven false. As I’m a cat lover who feeds stray cats and every new cat in the area visits my house, I was familiar with most of these points covered in the book but some of the things were even new for me so it’s easy to say kids will find many new things to learn.

It started with the title chapter Pet That Cat that included learning how to approach the cat, dos and don’t, how to observe cat’s moods, behaviors, body language, and sounds they make and what it tells about their mood.

My favorite section was history of cats. I always loved Egyptian history and how cats are revered as their Goddess Bastet/Bast has the cat form but here there is more to the history from the first cat of history and fossils found to when and how the domestication of cats started, how Egyptians showed their love for cats in history, and revolution of kitty litter. There is also stories of famous cats in history and some heroic cat stories. I enjoyed reading about Cat Jobs as well.

Book also tells about the most important part that is about how to care for the cat, how to adopt and what type of cat one should adopt, how to foster cats, and what to do if you’re allergic to cats. I loved the series of questions and answers with experts.

The illustrations are cute and lovely. It made the book even more fun and enjoyable. There is also a table for naming the cat, a fun quiz to know your cat personality, and a cat tracker in the end of the book that kids would love to fill in.

Overall, Pet That Cat is fun, informative, and well-written children’s non-fiction that packs many information about cats with adorable illustrations. It is perfect for kids new to cats and also kids who already have cats.

Here are the illustrations from the book I love

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