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Overall amazing week – Weekly Wrap Up

Hello readers! Here is another weekly wrap up, a late post than my usual time as I wasn’t feeling like writing this post. I had a good week in reading and had fun weekend with family time. We took my daughter to the aquatic gallery that she loved and then we went to watch a Bollywood movie on Sunday and had guest in the evening. It was overall amazing week with friends and family.

The weather is getting hot day by day and we already don’t want to get out of the house until after 6 or 7 in the evening. I’m pretty sure we would need to turn on A.C. by the end of this month. I’m pretty happy with even a new blog post idea, maybe not something new but I would still like to go ahead with it next month. I still need to write that post and I might change the look, not the overall theme but blog graphics as it will be 5th blog Anniversary. I’m still surprised it will be 5 years.

Last Week I Read

Sadie on a Plate by Amanda Elliot

I finished this in single day. I enjoyed all the drama and entertainment as expected by the cooking show in the book and also forbidden romance between main character, Sadie, a contestant in show and one of the judges, Luke. My review will be up tomorrow.

My Mother’s Gift by Steffanie Edward

I finished this today, also a reason I kept delaying writing this post. The story is about parent with Alzheimer’s disease. It is touching and realistic story of daughter trying to cope with her mother’s Alzheimer’s that getting worse day by day, bringing back pain and rift they had because of her mother’s relationship with step partner. While story is beautifully written, is touching, realistic and many can relate, I somehow felt something was missing. Also as it’s Alzheimer’s, main character’s monologues are a bit repetitive.

Next I’ll Read

If You Ask Me by Libby Hubscher

When an advice columnist’s picture-perfect life implodes, she opts to go rogue in this hilarious, heartwarming romance from the author of Meet Me in Paradise.

Violet Covington pens Dear Sweetie, the most popular advice column in the state of North Carolina. She has an answer for how to politely handle any difficult situation…until she discovers her husband, Sam, has been cheating on her. Furious and out of sensible solutions, Violet leaves her filter at the door and turns to her column to air her own frustrations. The new, brutally honest Dear Sweetie goes viral, sending more shock waves through Violet’s life. When she burns Sam’s belongings in a front-yard, late-night bonfire, a smoking-hot firefighter named Dez shows up to douse the flames, and an unexpected fling quickly shows potential to become something longer lasting.

A lot of people want to see the old polished Violet return—including her boss, who finds her unpredictability hard to manage, and Sam, who’s begging for another chance. But Dez appreciates Violet just the way she is—in fact, he can’t get enough of her. The right answers don’t come easily when Violet finds herself at her own personal crossroads. But maybe, by getting real, Violet can write her own happy ending. 

I already like Violet just reading this synopsis. I like her idea of a brutally honest column and burning things of his cheating husband. I’m sure I’ll enjoy this book and I have seen positive reviews as well. This is a blitz book for April.

At Least You Have Your Health by Madi Sinha

Behind the wholesome veneer of a wellness clinic lies a dangerous secret in this compelling women’s fiction novel from the author of The White Coat Diaries.

Dr. Maya Rao is a gynecologist trying to balance a busy life. With three young children, a career, and a happy marriage, she should be grateful–on paper, she has it all. But after a disastrous encounter with a patient, Maya is forced to walk away from the city hospital where she’s spent her entire career.

A new opportunity arises when Maya enrolls her daughter at an exclusive private school and crosses paths with Amelia DeGilles. Amelia is the owner and entrepreneur behind Eunoia Women’s Health, a concierge wellness clinic that specializes in house calls for its clientele of wealthy women for whom no vitamin infusion or healing crystal is too expensive. All Eunoia needs is a gynecologist to join its ranks.

Amid visits to her clients’ homes to educate and empower, and occasionally to remove crystals from bodily orifices, Maya comes to idolize the beautiful, successful Amelia. But Amelia’s life isn’t as perfect as it seems, and when Amelia’s teenaged daughter is struck with a mysterious ailment, Maya must race to uncover the reason before it’s too late. In the process, she risks losing what’s most important to her and bringing to light a secret of her own that she’s been desperately trying to keep hidden.

I’m already curious what is that secret and what’s the story of Amelia. This too is blitz book for April.

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat…

Have you read any of these books or added to TBR? 
What are you planning to read this week?

QOTW – Do you stick to your posting schedule or go by mood or when it is convenient?


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