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Hello readers! I hope you all had great week. Last week had been busy. My husband had a fever all of sudden. On doing tests, thankfully, he didn’t have COVID but has Dengue fever. He is taking rest still has fever. We moved to my mom’s until he gets better as my daughter wouldn’t let him rest at our place and it’s really too much to take care of both of them alone. As for reading, I read more last week than I expected.

Last Week I Read

The Promise of Summer by Bella Osborne

This was cozy and uplifting contemporary romance with amazing characters and plot and will they won’t they trope that made it uncertain until the end. Read full review- HERE.

The Night of Many Endings by Melissa Payne

This was touching and emotional fiction that revolved around three strangers stuck in library during storm. I loved the idea of library for all and seeing Nora making it possible in this story. This dealt with heavy subjects and it touched my heart from the beginning. I loved how author showed there is more to all people than meet the eyes, all have story, all are going through something in life, how there is normal person in addicts and homeless people and how people have stereotypes against them and how that makes them feel. Full review will be up tomorrow.

Fright Night by Maren Stoffels

This wasn’t exactly scary or horror and more like psychological drama with seven characters, a fright night game friends signed up for and family secrets in just 200 pages. It was well organised and well written but I wish Fright Night part was a bit longer.

Currently Reading

Delia Suits Up by Amanda Aksel

If you had one day to rewrite the rules you live by, would you? Delia Reese takes the financial world by storm in this breakout novel that’s 13 Going on 30 meets She’s the Man.

Just once, Delia Reese wants to be the one calling the shots—not the one waiting to be called. Despite her stellar resume, hiring managers at the big banks won’t give her a chance.

Following yet another failed interview, Delia commiserates with her roommates and drunkenly finds herself wishing she had the advantages that come with being a man. If society wasn’t locked into gender roles, she’d be climbing the corporate ladder in designer heels with no apologies. By morning, her mirror reflects a surprising makeover.

Now that the world sees her as a man, Delia’s determined to double down on society’s double standards. With a smart suit and powerfully pink necktie, she hits New York’s financial district with a big gamble in mind.

I’m halfway through this. Of course I have watched movies even in Bollywood with this concept, girl or man waking up in body of opposite sex and them understanding what’s it’s like to be live the world in body of opposite sex. So far it’s fun and entertaining. When Dalia ranted on, how unfair world is to women at workplace, how she could be more successful, have advantages of being a man, I was like, ‘yes, I get it. definitely agree,’ but when that wish of her came true, I was like, ‘No, thank you very much. Good luck Delia. I will just read it through your story.‘ Those first few chapters were hilarious. I can’t wait to see what happens next and what kind of trouble she would get into and how she will have her own body back.

Next this Week

The Beach Reads Book Club by Kathryn Freeman

Welcome to the Beach Reads Book Club…where love is just a page away…

When Lottie Watt is unceremoniously booted out of her uptight book club for not following the rules, she decides to throw the rulebook out the window and start her own club – one where conversation, gin and cake take precedent over actually having read the book!

The Beach Reads Book Club soon finds a home for its meetings at Books by the Bay, a charming bookshop and café owned by gorgeous, brooding Matthew Steele, and as the book club picks heat up, so too does the attraction between Matt and Lottie.

If there’s anything Lottie has learned from the romances she’s been reading, it’s that the greatest loves are the ones hardest earned.

A love letter to chicklit, romance, romcoms, whatever you want to call them!

Now I enjoy books about books and I can’t wait to see how many references I’m going to recognise in this and how many I will add to TBR just because it was mentioned in book, I like the sound of it but haven’t read it yet. And of course there is romance.

Posts on Blog

2021 July and August releases I added to TBR
The Promise of Summer by Bella Osborne
Paris is Always a Good Idea by Jenn McKinlay 

Links I enjoyed Last Week

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Let’s Talk – Book Endings // How much should they really affect ratings? @ The Critiques of a Fangirl

Thank you for Reading! Let’s chat…

How was your week in reading? Have you read any of these books? What are you planning to read this week?


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