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Hello Readers! So here is my first ever discussion post. Not something new. It will take more years for me to think something original and I’m not waiting for those year so let’s just do something I can be comfortable with- sharing my thoughts on topics already discussed.

Well, I just got this idea to write about this post. I have seen posts on why somebody love/read just fantasy or thriller or middle grade and YA etc etc… I haven’t come across why readers read multiple genre here in WordPress. I read posts on benefits of reading other genres and why one should read multiple genre. I found these posts by googling, as I wanted to see if anybody had talked about it or not. They of course gave me pointer that I could turn into my own voice.

So anyway, here are the reasons why I read multiple genre-

Keeps reading slump away– So everybody talk about reading slump and they ask what one should do to chase it away. I always say try something different. Read other genre. It works for me! I read in the post by Jodi Hedlund, one of the reason of reading slump is plot begins to feel repetitive and unoriginal. Try reading 100 or more YA/ Fantasy/ Thriller or some other single genre and at some point you might feel “oh yes, I read it already” and that reduces thrill of that genre. She also said taste changes. I agree there! Try eating pizza with same topping few year and see the result. You get what I mean.

Lot of option, vast range. I don’t have to screw my head what I’ll read next. No worry about reading out of comfort zone. I know what my comfort zone is as I have tried many genre or sub-genre.

I can read two book (or more, if I want to) at same time– Before pregnancy I read two book simultaneously. At first I feared I would mix it up and get confused but reading two different genre at same time eliminated that fear. Now that I can manage my time with my daughter and other chores, I again started reading two books simultaneously.

Thrill of discovering something new / finding new favorite – I’m always in for something new. If you have read my reviews for long time you might know I mention ‘unique/different‘ often and that book might have got one extra star for its uniqueness. I’m always drawn to something new. And it also helps me finding new favorite genre. If I haven’t read Percy Jackson, I wouldn’t have known how much I love Greek mythology. Last year I discovered I love Chick-Lits and certain classics and year before last, I was more draw to women’s fiction and thrillers. Next I might try nonfiction. Who knows if I fall in love with that too!

I know exactly what I like and what I don’t – Fantasy is my go to genre. And I know I don’t like love triangle and time travels. You can blame Twilight, Hunger Games and Time Traveler’s wife for that. It’s not the whole book, just the trope. Of course, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t read them ever. So, I can be pretty sure (most of the time) if I will like the book or not.

I get over book hangover faster – Hangover is good when it last for a day or two. If it last more you get stuck. Look at those never ending pile, do anybody has time wallowing in last book you read just because it was awesome? I move on to next book fast, move on and find something new that gives another hangover.

Biggest benefit f reading other genre is knowledge – This is common thing we all share no matter whichever genre, one or more, you read. I learn so many things by reading different genre- writing style, vocabulary, a particular theme and topic, about food, nation, culture and religion and many other things. I know my husband curses legal thriller books and I don’t have to say why. 😉

Broadens perspective – Yes, another important benefits and I like this most. I wouldn’t have understood perspective if I haven’t red different books. It helps me understand people and be less judgmental.

Variety is spice of life– Do I need to say more? Yes that’s one big reason for me because I love trying new things. You guys don’t know me personally, I mean in real, my whole life way. Before reading, I kept changing my hobbies. I played badminton, I did hand embroidery, paper quilling, photography… all for a year or little more. I’m reading since 2015 that’s more than any other hobbies lasted. Reading different genres makes reading more exciting.

Like mentioned in why one should read multiple genre, at the end I stopped even seeing what genre the book is because as they say “‘Genre’ can be a pretty meaningless social construct” and I realized most of books fall in more than just one genre.

What do you think about this post? Also let me know if I did alright with this post. Which is your go to genre? Do you read only one or two genre or prefer multiple genre, and why?


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