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The Twin by Natasha Preston
Publication Date: March 3rd 2020
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Genre: Psychological Fiction / Thriller / YA
Pages: 336
Stars: ★★★☆☆ [3.5]

In this twisty psychological thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of THE CELLAR, Ivy finds out that her twin sister, Iris, is trying to push her out of her own life–and might be responsible for their mother’s death.

After their parents divorced, 10-year-old twins Ivy and Iris were split up–Ivy lived with Dad, Iris with Mom. Now, after a tragic accident takes their mom’s life, the twins are reunited and Iris moves in with Ivy and their dad. Devastated over Mom’s death, Iris spends the first few weeks in almost total silence–the only person she will speak to is Ivy. Iris feels her life is over and she doesn’t know what to do. Ivy promises her twin that she can share her life now. After all, they’re sisters. Twins.

It’s a promise that Iris takes seriously. And before long, Ivy’s friends, her life at school, and her boyfriend, Tyler, fall under Iris’s spell. Slowly, Ivy realizes she’s being pushed out of her own life. But she’s just being paranoid, right? And Mom’s accident was . . . just an accident. Right? It’s not like she–or Dad–or Tyler–are in any danger. . . . 

*** Note: I received e-copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to PRHGlobal for free copy. ***

The Twin was psychological thriller that revolved around twins- a good perfect one, really affected by mother’s death and other one who was twisted, evil, crazy, psycho, wasn’t affected by mother death but used it for her own gain! Basically an evil vs good twin novel. It was about unhealthy and toxic sister relationship, trust, betrayal and manipulations.

Now this book can be hit or miss. I’m somewhere in middle! In most of the book it was hit but the end changed it for me. Writing was amazing. Creepy, compelling, thrilling, and fast. Some may find it repetitive but that’s because main character has habit of overthinking and she kept asking herself same question. As per her nature it was perfectly written. Setting was atmospheric. The dread, fear and darkness never left till the end.

Now that synopsis says a lot. I was pretty sure- from synopsis and the way first few chapters were written– Iris killed her mother, she didn’t have feeling for her dead mother or grieved her death. She was only interested in getting to know Ivy’s friends and school. She was reserved at home, not speaking to anybody and staying in her room all the time but out of house with Ivy’s circle and friends in school, she was chirpy, happy, enjoying every moment and making it difficult for Ivy. It was obvious she wanted Ivy’s life, like everything her friends, dream, her place as daughter, student. The only big fat, million dollar question was why?

It made me curious to find out why she was doing these to her own sister who shared a womb with their own mother, who was only nice to her, understanding and ready to share her life with her. I was even more curious to see what Ivy was going to do about her sister and her crappy behavior, how she will save her loved ones or herself, how she was going to expose her.

I tell you answers weren’t pretty and so characters. Let’s make a good start, I hated them all at the end. I didn’t like her friends (I mean how can they say they were best friends), her dad (he should see through his daughters, parents are good at it, aren’t’ they? Or at least he should have known Ivy better), or any single character there was. They were big fat disappointment. Except Ivy but I wasn’t even happy with her as well. I will get there later. 

Iris was gave bad vibes from the beginning. She was evil and manipulative in mind and nature, a psychopath who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. She was definitely a pathological liar, damn smart, confident, and always four step ahead of her victim. She was nightmare throughout the book, literally. I just wanted to read this book as fast as I can to get away from this twisted character. Author did brilliant job with her. She was best psychopath I ever read.

Ivy was lovely girl. She was good to a fault. She worked hard for whatever she was and got in life. Best student, friend, swimmer and daughter and even tried to be, if not best, better sister. He weakness was overthinking, overworking her mind and body, and lack of patience. Not able to play the game right, Iris started. She was bit naïve. I get it was all new for her but she should have drew a boundary from the beginning, should have reminded people that she loved her space and swimming was only thing that could chase away her worry and grief but she didn’t.

She gave Iris benefit of doubt even though her instinct said otherwise, even though she saw she was up to no good, and gave bad feeling! Her biggest mistake! Still she held on pretty good. She was resilient, tried to ignore rumors, gossips, hostile gaze and crappy behavior. Her boyfriend was her sole support and I’m glad to see him staying with her most of the book. She tried to get to bottom of this, find something to make her life better and expose her sister and that was great but she didn’t time it right. Patience is virtue was lost to her.

What made me lose my mind about her was, her lack of brilliance! You know she could get the evidence but she didn’t think about it. I did feel for her, though. She was such nice person. She didn’t deserve this. My heart felt the ache of her crumbling life.

It fast paced that kept me hooked to book till the end. I did feel it was bit stretched in middle because well, readers can easily see what Iris was doing and how Ivy’s life was snatched from her, you keep expecting there might be some glitch in Iris’s plan and keep hoping Ivy might find a clue or way to expose her evil side but we don’t see it coming, not until the confrontation and that came at 95%! Till this I felt so much hope, even during and at the end of confrontation, I kept hoping the light will shine on Ivy and chase of that dark witch Iris. But it turned out so hopeless. End totally froze my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking all that happened in that last 5% of the book. I literally couldn’t sleep. Honestly I was disappointed with the end.

Why 3.5 stars-

Where exactly it totally blew my mind was, I could get why Iris did that to her mother. What I cannot get my head around was why she did all these to Ivy. You see, usually there can be reasonable explanation like, ‘parents favored other sibling or she was popular or your boyfriend preferred her over you…’ something you can a put a finger on. Here it wasn’t case, there was not a particular reason that can explain Iris’ behavior except she was not right in mind, got a kick out of doing all these.

As I said I didn’t like the end.

Another thing is it was so implausible. I mean how 16 years’ worth life can be snatched from a person in 6 weeks! Wouldn’t there be a single person who can help or see through this!

Overall, it was great, dark, twisted, psychological thriller with brilliant villain but heavy and tragic end. Those who doesn’t want or expect happy ending in thrillers, will love it.

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What do you think about the book and my review? Have you read this book already or any books by the same author? Are you going to add it to TBR? Which book you read that had best or worst Twin relationship?


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