List of horrible bosses in books

Horrible Bosses in Books I read

Hello Readers! I read a book recently in which the boss was real good and charming and even better than friend that made me envious, made me wish to work with such boss. And that sparked the idea on listing horrible bosses. I do want to write a post on lovely bosses in books as well, thing is I have read very few books that fall under that category but when I look at horrible bosses, there are plenty in books I have read. I know you might be thinking in real life too. I really thank god I’m not into this office drama or working under any boss and after seeing this list I don’t regret it. These bosses here are nasty, selfish, mean, tyrant, bully, money minded, and boyfriend-thief.

Vanessa (The Accidental Life Swap by Jennifer Joyce)

Vanessa in this book is the boss here who was quite intimidating for nice and timid Rebecca. This boss was rich, selfish, and tyrant who did all in her power to get what she wanted. She even sacked staff based on suspicion. Now you cannot expect any promotion and recognition when you work under this kind of boss unless you buttered or showered them with daily praises.

Annabel (The Neighbours by Nicola Gill)

Annabel was kind of boss who went after your boyfriend or partner. You wouldn’t want this kind anywhere near your home or family otherwise you would find them in your house shagging your partner while you are working in the office.

Edwin (One Week ‘Til Christmas by Belinda Missen)

Edwin here was the one who took advantage of hardworking employees. He would ask to work and take interviews even though you are on vacation. A selfish and after personal gain kind of boss who didn’t care about anyone’s feeling and don’t understand no. If you confront they say nasty thing, make you feel low or threaten to fire. They look nice in general but are kind of bully who pays you for letting yourself being bullied. Run from this kind or forget about break and holidays.

Vincent (The Escape Room by Megan Goldin)

Vincent was a different kind. He was money minded. He earned huge and still wanted to gain more money. Don’t know for what, because he had no family or love or partner. He looked decent, I mean he wouldn’t behave badly or something but he wouldn’t tolerate loss and he didn’t care if you didn’t get another job or lose your life and wouldn’t even investigate if somebody is trying to set you up. All he cared about was quality of your work and success in project. Ahem, Find another job, money is not important but your life and self-respect is.

And a Sixpence for Luck by Lilac Mills

Okay, I read this book 3 years before. I didn’t remember boss’ name but vaguely remembered the boss fired main character because she was using internet in work time. The actual reason was big surprise. This was the case of unfair dismissal. Boss fired main character so that he could give her position to his lover. Hmm, now that you can’t see coming.

Below are the bosses who gives you hard time because they are going through hard time. I know it doesn’t justify their behavior and that’s why I’m putting them under this horrible bosses category.

Wendy (Sunset Beach by Mary Kay Andrews)

Now now, Wendy here was not just boss but main character’s ex-best friend and now a step-mother. You can see why they fall out. Who could see best friend marrying with your own father! So, both had grudges and both gave each other hard time. Wendy criticizing all the work and adding more work but well our main character was power of resilience and at the end, let it go and both was being nice with each other. Whatever, you have to agree it can be awkward situation.

The Secret to Falling in Love by Victoria Cooke

Another one I read long ago and don’t remember boss’ name but I know what the boss did and it was by no means charming. So this boos gave our main character a project of antisocial media and not technology or gadget and write an article on how do you find love in old fashioned way. So it was progressing anywhere and boss decided to interfere. I’m not saying what she did to avoid spoiler. It was definitely not nice but she wasn’t bad as well so what can I say.

Melisa (Full Circle by Regina Timothy)

Melisa was not likable woman at first glance. She was owner of biggest fashion house in the world. She worked from scratch to top on her own. Ruthless, selfish, evil witch was her impression among her staff. That made her intimidating boss but at the end turned out she wasn’t that bad. Imagine Miranda of Devil Wears Prada but unlike Miranda, Melisa had space for development. Anyway, you will find it hard to work for such boss.

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What do you think about this post and bosses I mentioned?
Which horrible bosses you like to add more from books to this list?


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