Monthly Wrap-Up : August 2019

What can be more amazing than being among the list of blogger recommended by wonderful fellow blogger? Many thanks to The Orangutan Librarian for dding me in your list of Bloggers Who Deserve More Attention post . And if you are new around here, I’m sure you don’t want to miss her fabulous discussion posts and reviews. 

Another exciting thing that happened was my husband is going U.S. for company meeting next month. I’m so happy for him. One more good thing I got email from published and I hope to get review copies(e-copy/paperback) soon.

All these good thing don’t just happen without bad ones. Indian customs are not clearing the book I was sent from US author through USPS. They say it’s prohibited to receive gift/printed copies for personal use because some act since 1975 (how other countries don’t know about it and how have I received previous copies from US, London and even Jerusalem?!) and now they are asking to get some code for clearance they give to importer, which is ridiculous. How would i have that code! I’m not doing bloody business, I’m running a simple blog. And what exactly is wrong in getting books?! And I tell you the heights, I received book from Canada just yesterday. How did that pass the custom if according their so and so act it is prohibited? It’s highly frustrating and I feel so bad I asked paperback from author. I’m putting my case to Public Grievance program now and I hope they can do something about this problem.

Month in reading was pretty good.

I managed to read and review:

Books read : 7
Reviewed : 7
2 paperbacks (won in giveaway + own)
5 e-copies (received from author + NetGalley + Blog Tour)
Total Pages : 2800

The Sins of the Father (The Clifton Chronicles #2) by Jeffrey Archer — [Review] 5/5
Sequel of Only Time Will Tell, was great historical fiction that was filled with amazing characterization, family dynamics, twist and turns, and clever plot. It was about love, friendship, hardship, family drama, resilience, determination and hope. Gripping, steady paced, clever and exceptional family saga, with interesting turns and characters, set during WWII that I surely recommend to reader of this genre.

Vox by Christina Dalcher — [Review] 4.5/5
Mind-blowing dystopian science-fiction that had this terrific world where all of the above was possible, not just possible but was in existence. It was about feminism, oppressive government, hypocrisy and sexism, standing against tyranny to save family and loved ones. Provocative, suspenseful, gripping, terrific and disturbing. If you still haven’t read this book, just get it.

Era of Undying by Emilie Knight — [Review] 4/5
Era of Undying revolved around a blood warrior- Pen and her survival in the world where blood warrior were extinct, her nomadic life and adventures in the Undying world. It was about grief, guilt, accepting death and loss of loved ones, righting the wrong and adventure. Different, gripping, fast paced, dark fantasy that I will recommend to readers of this genre.

Fractalistic by Gerardo Delgadillo — [Review] 5/5
YA contemporary, related to fractal theory and experiment so one can call it mix of Si-Fi, contemporary and romance, about grief, coping with loss of loved ones, shock and depression that affect mind and alters memory and behavior, trying to bring closure and move on in life. Emotional poignant and heartfelt, those who has suffered loss will feel it intensely. I surely recommend this book.

Neither Here Nor There by Miriam Drori — [Review] 4/5
Simple romance that was made beautiful because of its setting in Jerusalem about struggle of transition in lifestyle; orthodox vs tradition, secular and extremism; strength and determination; going against the flow; understanding different culture and adopting the best in it. Things were comparatively easy for character. In real life there might be lot of problems. It was interesting, insightful and unique that dealt with controversial subject. I recommend this book. It is short, fast paced that you can finish in one sitting.

Deserve To Die by Miranda Rijks — [Review] 5/5
Tense, spine chilling, unnerving, addictive and intriguing psychological thriller about family love, betrayal, mistrust, and revenge. Brilliant plot and characters. I highly recommend this book.

The Accidental Life Swap by Jennifer Joyce — [Review] 5/5
A lovely countryside romance about believing in yourself, have confidence, stand up for yourself and don’t let others pushover you, and for that you only need inner strength and talent are always there, not a false identity. It was fun, light-hearted, fast paced and cute romance. This book checked all the boxes I want in Women’s Fiction and Romance. Thumbs up!

I also read Summer TO Remember by Victoria Cooke that I’m going to review next month.

I published review of The Escape Room by Megan Goldin [Review] and Willow by Grace Parks [Review] this month that I read last month.

Extracts / Blitz / Promo:

In The Company Of Strangers by Awais Khan — [Post]
Sentenced to Shakespeare by Iris Dorbian — [Post]
Song for a Lost Kingdom, Book II by Steve Moretti — [Post]

Cover Reveal:

The Christmas Calendar Girls by Samantha Tonge — [Post]
Awakening: Rise as the Fall Unfolds by Carissa Andrews — [Post]
Haunted House Ghost by James J. Cudney — [Post]
Weave of Love by Rachel J. Bonner — [Post]
Playing with Fire by Toni Cox — [Post]

Book of the Month:

Let’s discuss!

How was you month in reading? What did you read in August? Have you read any of these books? Which book(s) was BOTM?


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