A Way to the Infinity World (The Left Roof #1) by Narendra Singh Nathawat, Vishvendra Singh Nathawat



Published: April 24th 2017

Publisher: Partridge India

Read date: February 28th 2018

Genre: Science-Fiction / Fantasy

Pages: 184

Stars: 2.5/5

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Alfred Riston is a twenty-two-year-old college student who is heartbroken by his mother’s abandonment of her family. As he attempts to grapple with his pain, he begins experiencing strange visions and hearing a voice that seems to come from nowhere. There is no question that an unseen force is attempting to make contact with Alfred. Now all he has to do is determine who or what it is.

After he and his best friend, Khushahal, decide to investigate the weird comings-and-goings surrounding his old family home, they unwittingly confront hostile guards who seem to be protecting some sort of bizarre chemical experiment. But when he contacts his father to ask him what he knows, he is quickly pushed away without explanation. Now as a series of bizarre clues are slowly unveiled, Alfred embarks on a journey into the past where he learns the truth about his birth that will change everything, not just for him, but for the infinity world.

In this gripping fantasy story, a college student on a quest to learn the truth about himself and his family soon discovers that nothing is certain when it comes to the universe. 


A Way to the Infinity World was a science-fiction fantasy novel, first in series, narrated in third person that revolved around main character- Alfred, his family, and Infinity world. The book is about the Infinity world explaining the logic/imagination behind creation of this universe and how it works, technologies, family drama, and friendship.


Alfred– I don’t what to think about this character. He was 22-year-old college boy who still couldn’t get over his parent’s divorce (That was 7 years before). He most of the time acted like 13 old teen. If Author have created this character as teenage boy I probably won’t have any problem with his behavior. There were pretty clear truths about his birth and his family but till climax he didn’t want to accept it! Even at the end of the book I feel like he’s not accepting the reality and he still is doubtful about all things! There was almost no development in this character and he sounded whiny. 

Only character that I liked was not even a character but an invention (kind of robot) – Misonzae. 

What I liked_edited

The Infinity world and concept was pretty good. It was properly explained how characters traveled from Earth to Infinity World and the logic behind it. I liked creatures, history of Infinity, their working system, time zone and places, politics, and technologies- all had lengthy description leaving no room for doubt. 

The world and characters were imaginative and interesting. People of Infinity looked like elves (you seeing that elfish ears in cover) but they were not elves, totally different race. Infinity world has mix race, people from different planets were living together on Infinity.  

The family history of Alfred was interesting. It started nice arising all the questions making readers curious to know more about the things going on around Alfred, his parents and their family house.

I liked the questions raised by characters in the book on what happens after death and who controls the birth and death cycle, is it god or there some other entity behind it. it was central topic of the book. Parts of the book on those questions and the answers that was given in imaginary Infinity world was most interesting for which only I have given half of the stars. There were many twist and turns, had surprising elements. Events unfold very quickly once Alfred enter the Infinity world.

At first I didn’t like length of chapters looking at the table of content. One chapter was almost 30 to 40 pages long. But I liked that each chapters were divided into different scenes that made it quick read. Climax was good and book ended nicely.

why not 5 stars_edited

Initially the story was narrated like a play (you know like ‘character 1 :…’ ‘character2: …..’ and then a scene) but suddenly after 2 chapters it turns to normal third person narration. I don’t know why it was like that! It could be written in either of the style.

Major problem I had was character and emotions. As I mentioned above character was not acting according to his age and there was no development (which I can overlook as I know this is just first book of the series, kind of introductory, but it still bothered me). You all know how much I hate whiny characters.

I didn’t feel any emotion. There is a difference in I personally watch a movie and when someone else narrates me that movie to me, it feels differently. Book was like later one, someone just told me the story and I liked the idea and theme but I couldn’t feel it.

That family drama of Alfred’s parents and how the house was in their possession was still a mystery. Sex scenes and that nudity in ceremony was totally not required. This book could come out clean and more likable without those scenes.

Though the setting and main character was American, it totally sounded Indian. Even few things, the terminology about Infinity world sounded Indian! An Indian anyone can tell it in just few minutes in the book, so why not make it in Indian setting!

Looking at this long list of ‘I don’t like’ part I was confused whether to rate it 2, 2.5, or 3. So finally settled in between- 2.5 (hey, the idea was good and cover was cute).


Overall, it was not that good. One time read. Honestly, I won’t read it again and won’t  continue the series.


Author:  Narendra Singh NathawatVishvendra Singh Nathawat

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*** Note: I won this copy in Goodreads Giveaway. ***

What do you think about the book and my review? Have you read this book already? Have you read something similar to this before? Share your thoughts in comment-box below.

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