Saturday Sort-Story Review

Saturday Short-Story Review: Planet of the Orb Trees: A story about Giving, Self-Confidence, Green Living and Environmental Values by Barton Ludwig

Saturday Short Story Review

Hey book lovers! Today’s short story is children fiction,Planet of the Orb Trees: A story about Giving, Self-Confidence, Green Living and Environmental Values by Barton Ludwig

Planet of orbs

Published: December 14th 2017 by Heartlab Press Inc.

Read Date: December 23rd 2017

Pages: 72

Stars: 5/5

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Everyone is living in Rocket Amusement Park. The world outside is in destruction and garbage wrapped in growing fire. All tree with orbs were destroyed because of poor environment. People are happy in park with unlimited power, water, and free rides within park but not Kai.

Kai dreams to leave the planet with disaster and destruction and go to greener and better planet, Ketera. To reach there he requires a stronger orb, with his only limited 5 orb jetpack, he couldn’t go anywhere. When he sees a glowing tree from far up while playing in Park, he venture out of park against his friend RJ’s persistent wish of staying in Park.

Planet where food, drink, and entertainment cost an orb will he survive a day outside the Park. What obstacles he has to go through to reach glowing tree? Will he able to go to the planet Ketera?


The book revolves around Kai who dreamed to reach to greener world. The story was about his determination, his adventure outside park and things he learned on his way. Book was third person narrative from main character’s perspective, set on other planet, planet of orb trees that was destroyed because of poor environment.


Kai was very determined and strong character. His self-resistance and sticking to his goal was remarkable in the book. The boy was very friendly and had helping nature. A perfect character that could inspire children.

His friend RJ was content with what he got in park but as story progressed he realized his friend was right and he learned many things with him. In just few pages this book showed good development of this character. Loved RJ even more at the end.

What I liked_edited

The title of the book caught my attention, the Planet of Orb Trees. Isn’t that interesting? The worlds in the book was unique and different from all dystopian world I have read till now. It started with pretty good details about the world and the orbs, how it was important for everyone living in park and to Kai, why they were living in park and why Kai wanted to leave the park. Kai’s venture outside park also gave little more details about world.

He met interesting characters on his journey to maze. Greedy balloon boy made story even more interesting. With unique adventure book had great lessons for readers. It told about giving, self-restraint, taking only what you need and not to greed for more, showing kindness and helping those in need, following the dream, and friendship. I also liked the main theme of book environment and conservation of energy.

Easy to language and smooth to follow for children. Graphics of the book were colorful, creative and beautiful. Climax was exciting and end was great.


Overall, this book was with interesting dystopian world, strong characters and great messages that all children would love to read.


Author: Barton Ludwig

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*** Note: I received review copy of this book via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got a chance to read this book. ***

What do you think about the book and review? Have you read this book already? Share your thoughts in the comment-box below.

Happy Reading! 🙂

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