Equations of a Being: A being who gathered moss by Ashutosh Gupta


Published: August 8th 2017 by Notion Press

Read Date: December 5th 2017

Pages: 170

Stars: 4/5

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If you have a penchant for both reason and abstractness, this intriguing piece of literature shouldn’t be missed. Equations of a Being beautifully coalesces the author’s thought pieces pertaining to the existential spectrum. Never has there been a book that blended emotions, intellect, and imagination so seamlessly, to celebrate a being in totality.

The author depicts his artistic persuasion, the enriched and disintegrated fragments of his existence, and the conclusions based on his interactions with the physical and abstract elements of life in a compelling and unbridled manner.

It’s a book for the ages that will let you trace the complete trajectory of a being and realize that a being has been and will always be a convergence of his tryst with abstractness, his acceptance of vulnerability, and his surge for virtuosity.


This was new and different experience for me. I usually don’t read nonfiction genre and moreover poetry is out of my league. But quoted short chapters and beautiful literary words attracted me.

Though the book was 170 pages long, it was very short read, each page containing a quote with deep meaning thought. The book was about author’s thoughts on abstract, physical, and spiritual attributes of life through observation of both his inner and outer world in form of poetry.  As title says it was an equation of being that sums experience and observation at different stages of life which included topics like writing, art, conversations, beauty, love, feminism, relationships and family in chapters.

Author played with words creatively throughout the book. Each quotes were thought provoking, realistic and relatable that made me go slow and think about my own world.

Literary students or those who like to read poetry would love to read this. This was a kind of book you would like to read again and again, and each time you grasp words and understanding of them deeper than before. For me this was little harder, I read few chapter more than twice and I understood it better on third attempt. Some of my favorite lines that loved and were easy to understand for me are…

“Keeping alive the artist within is the tussle of all tussles. It’s like letting out a loud but melodious cry, again and again, it’s like trying to tickle with a razor-sharp knife, and it’s like a distressful beggar singing the song of his life to earn a few breaths.”

“Passing a judgment on a being is the limitation of the mind. Passing a judgment on life is the limitation of mortality.”

“The best kind of conversations are always the ones in which two people secretly pick up on other’s tragedies and prominently turn them into irreverent comedies.”

“Have a conversation without the underlying silence of an ulterior motive. Let the words at both ends be spent at their own pace. Let them immerse themselves in the entire meaning of the words spoken by each other. Let them complete their own little story in that very time and place.”

“Men conceive a meaningful existence of a woman only when she is subjected to a framework. Marriage and motherhood, with all their essentialities, are nothing but a framework for men. The most callous of such forced subjection is a woman’s subjection to objectification. Take away marriage and motherhood from the paradigm of womanhood, and all that will be left is the randomness of freedom.”

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I would like to read more, a detailed description of these quoted lines in the book. It would have been a different experience. I read few review on this book on Goodreads and those who have more experience in literature have explained few lines in their words very beautifully. If Author has done the same in book it would be awesome.


Overall, beautiful, thought-provoking writing. I would recommend this to all literary person who love this kind of books.


Author: Ashutosh Gupta

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*** Note: I received a review copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got a chance to read this book. Many thanks to author. ***

What do you think about the book and review? Have you read this book already? Share you thoughts in comment-box below.

Happy Reading! 🙂

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