The Castoffs Vol 1: Mage Against the Machine by M.K. Reed, Brian Smith (Writer and Colorist), Molly Ostertag (Illustrator), Wyeth Yates (Illustrator)


Published: April 12th 2017 by Lion Forge

Read Date: December 9th 2017

Pages: 119

Stars: 4/5

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Leda, mage leader has sent her 3 apprentice on mission on finding out what is happening to people in Clifton, why they lost their memory and who is the strange mysterious woman who might be a reason behind this problem. 3 apprentice with only one having fighting experience travel through wild land with less occupied with human and more with animals and old machine waste, sharing old stories of mage and machines, facing dangerous animals reach to the village where they were asked to meet healer of Clifton. But the surprise is waiting for them there.

Would they able to find that strange woman, can cure people of the village and mostly will they able to fight together on finding the main culprit?


Honestly this is my first comic and as first timer, I liked it. I thought it will be just okay bur as I read, I liked it. This was different experience than picture book where graphic said the story itself and I would love to read more in this genre.

This was a graphic novel about mage vs machines, magic vs technology. It was about three diverse trio on mission with different powers, about trust building, working in team, and never underestimate other.


Ursa was fun loving, jolly minded with healing power. But there was more about this character, she had hidden talent that was revealed later.

Trinh was timid and amenable with invisibility and destruction power. Destruction was more like happening with her all the time and less of power.

Charris was only in group who was fighter and had travelling experience. She had attitude problem and less amenable with her 2 companion but over the time she learned to work with them.

What I liked_edited

I loved the concept of magic vs technology and magicians vs human inventions and lesson at the end of the book. The greed of humans for power that destroyed everything. Post-apocalyptic world was created very thoughtfully and with thorough detail in just few pages. I loved the way it was explained during the campfire night of three brave apprentice.

I loved characters in the book and their gradual development in the story. Most likable about them was they were diverse female characters, coming from 3 different background of guild and their powers was most fascinating.

The art was very beautiful and colorful, I loved that solo figures of main characters. Action scenes in the beginning and climax was thrilling and interesting, at some point it was confusing though where exactly- the beginning. Suspense of the book was great and it was fun to read bickering between the characters.

It ended with cliffhanger and this series very long. If I got chance I sure would love to continue the series.

why not 5 stars_edited

It was sad that I couldn’t know more about the characters / mages fought machines in the beginning. The fight was confusing without much intro of those characters. Rest was good.


Overall, fun interesting, fast paced, action pack dystopian, science-fiction, post-apocalyptic comic that everyone would love to read.


Author: M.K. Reed,

To know more about author click Here.

Writer and Colorist: Brian Smith,

Illustrator: Molly Ostertag, Wyeth Yates

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*** Note: I received ARC of this book from the publishers, in exchange of an honest review. I am glad I got a chance to read this book. ***

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