Einstein’s Beach House by Jacob M. Appel

Einstein beach house

Published: October 1st 2014 by Pressgang

Read Date: June 8th 2017

Stars: 5/5

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Honestly I can’t write review of this collection of stories in my regular style. So, only for this book I’m changing my style.

This is the collection of 8 short stories. About the human flaws and characteristics. Starting from sex offender to a sad hedgehog, dreamy musician ex-boyfriend, a tragic love story, killer father, Einstein’s Beach House, Fred the tortoise, and a mother seduced by father of imaginary girl.

Here is more about stories and my view–

“Choose old people for enemies. They die. You win.”― Jacob M. Appel

  1. Hue And Cry– This story is about the sex offender, Rex came to live with grandmother in neighborhood and the reaction of the society towards him and towards Sucram family who tries to be good to him. A simple and yet meaningful story. I really liked Bill Sucram in this story, a good-hearted and funny person.
  2. La Tristesse Des Herissons (sadness of a hedgehog)– A couple who bring home a hedgehog as a pet. They named him Orion. This story is about, how a ‘sadness of a hedgehog’ leads to ‘sadness in their relationship’. I was literally laughing in this story. What a story it was! I swear I could understand Josh’s mindset and feeling. Even I was fed up of Adeline’s over protectiveness.
  3. Strings– A musician Ex- boyfriend who keeps coming back for help in Cynthia’s life. Rabbi Cynthia Felder is newly married and preacher for 6 month. This time he came to borrow sanctuary for concert. Well described about the fine line between mitzvah and taken advantage of. Another simple story. I liked smooth relationship of husband and wife. It felt realistic.
  4. Limerence- Jesse loved Lena since 7th grade. Lena was full of imperfection and had issues with stable relationships. The story is about the feeling and unrequited love of Jess. I liked this tragic romantic story.
  5. Einstein’s Beach House– A couple living with their daughters at old beach house. Couple come to know that their house was mistakenly stated Einstein’s summer house in a travel guide and take advantage of it as source of income. Later on researching more about it they come to know it was actually Einstein’s beach house, and end up losing all they earned through it and as well as the house. This story was touching.
  6. The Rod of Asclepius– A dark story of father and daughter. Story was in flashback. Father, a widowed architect who killed doctors and their relatives in presence of his 7-yr-old daughter. As she grew up this dark memory of her childhood stays with her. I can’t believe what people can do because grief of losing their dear ones and never think about the one who are left behind.
  7. Sharing The Hostage– A man having difficulties with previous relationships, now has girlfriend who want her tortoise back from her ex-husband and plan to take hostage of the tortoise. Like a second story it was humorous.
  8. Paracosmos– it’s about growing concern of couple about their daughter having imaginary friend and how to deal with it. And at the end mother fall in love with the father of her daughter’s imaginary friend. Sounds weird? Wait till the end of the story and see what father does. This story was about family, relationship and fidelity. I liked this one. It kept me thinking after the end of the story.

These all Short stories and I’m short of words. So, I’ll just tell you in simple and shortest way my views on this book.

They were brilliant and unique. Right from the writing to the concept, I haven’t come across this type of short stories till now. The stories contain different theme and characters, their psychologies, and life experiences. In each story, when you reach to the end, it keep you thinking about the story what you just read and hit with deep meaning. All stories were fictional and yet felt real. They were nicely written. All stories are combination of humor, dark human traits, and tragedy.

My favorite stories in the book were- La Tristesse Des Herissons, Sharing the Hostage, Strings, and Einstein’s Beach House.

Who should read it? If you like Jacob M. Appel’s writing / fiction short stories, this book is for you.


Author: Jacob M. Appel

Read more about him HERE.

*** Note: I received e-copy of this book from author in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got a chance to read this book. ***

What do you think about these stories and my review? Share your thoughts in comment-box below.

Happy Reading! 🙂


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