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My Sister’s Keeper by Bill Benners

my sister's keeper

Published: May 15th 2007 by McBryde Publishing

Read Date: May 8th 2017

Stars: 4/5

“My Sister’s Keeper” is a crime fiction story, about brother and sister who get involved in solving a mystery.

Blurb (in my words)

Martha Baimbridge was investigative reporter in Wilmington, NC, full of life, with do-it-or-die-for-it attitude. She was after a story, investigating rape of 13-yr-old teenage. When she was trying to find out who was behind this at the crime place, she was attacked. Richrd Baimbridge, her brother, a photographer and aspiring director, returns home on hearing about his sister and helps her in her recovery. 

Over the period of time, Martha recovered but with one kidney damaged and paralyzed from waist down. Both brother and sister are trying find out, who did this to her, who is now a serial killer in town. And unfortunately Richard becomes the primary suspect. Will Richard able to clear his name from the crime he never did? Will both brother and sister able to find out who is the serial killer?

(This is not original blurb you can read it here on Goodreads)

My View:

I enjoyed reading this is amazing thrilling crime fiction. The story also includes family problem of Richrad that also has mystery in it.

My favorite lines from the book:

“Life is so precious. To even be born is a billion to one shot. And then, it’s too short. And can be lost so easily, or taken from you. Regardless of your plans and dreams, or how many there are that love you.”

Characters– They were mysterious. I liked bond between Richard and Martha, a perfect siblings. Antagonist was smart psycho who was always two step ahead of this sibling. Martha was a real hero of the story and I loved her. Police detective, well I haven’t heard of such dumb one in any novel, really. :/ He was the biggest disappointing person in this book.

Things I liked- Easy to read and understand plot, fast-paced, every chapter was a cliffhanger that made me read it till the end. Emotions and feelings of characters was heartfelt. Richrad and Martha truly drawn me in their life. I was smiling, crying, angry and anxious along with them. There was a story behind all characters which helped to know them more clearly. You know that feeling you get when you are watching a thrilling TV show? This book gives exactly the same feeling.

Few drawback- I felt it was too stretched at some point. Even expected at some points. It gave me a feeling that you just want to reach to the climax. So many things went wrong in Richard’s life at once that were impossible in real life. Main characters did some stupidest things, but hey, doesn’t that happen in every mystery! So, I won’t say it a drawback exactly.

Overall, This story is all about family and life with LOTS OF twists and turns. I enjoyed reading it.

Who should read it? I recommend it to all who likes many twists that you can’t even count in one book. 😉

Alert! There are few very disturbing plots and twists so harden your heart before reading it.

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