Amazing week filled with family time

Amazing Week Filled With Family Time #WeeklyWrapUp – April 22, 2024

Hello Readers! I hope you’re well and had a fantastic week. It was Amazing week filled with family time. Check out highlights of the week – books I read, posts published, what I’m reading next, and what I added to shelf – in this April 22, 2024 weekly wrap up post.

Amazing week filled with family time

Amazing Week Filled With Family Time

Last week we celebrated my 7th blog anniversary and my husband’s birthday on the same day. We had great time and went out for dinner. My father-in-law is here for frozen shoulder surgery. The weekend I spent with my parents. It was heartwarming to see my kid bonding with my niece despite she is just 7 months old. I can see them have strong sisterly bond in future and I’m sure going to encourage it. My mom insisted on spending summer vacation at her place so I’m going to her house from May 1 to May 15.

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What I Read

As you might have read my review of Pen Pal, you must know how disappointing this turned out. I think the book had potential and the concept and the twist were really good but I didn’t like the execution and moreover, there was no romance for which this was marketed.

Bride was much needed read after Pen Pal. I really enjoyed romance, political machination and characters. I’m still not sure about that ‘Knot’ (you would know if you have read the book), it was kind of uncomfortable to read but otherwise I really enjoyed paranormal romance. I almost forgot I liked this subgenre. (review will be up this week)

I read Mehar’s World of Colours to my kid. She didn’t exactly get everything and half the time she fell asleep as obviously this is written for kid age 7 or more. I loved the concept of a kid’s dream to be an artist and make a comic but lives the expectation of her parent who wants her to be a swimmer like her sister. This was really good, filled with layers, message and touching emotions that sure to leave lasting impression to kids of this age group. (review will be up this week)

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Just Started

I just started The Lighthouse Family and I already like the writing. I can’t wait to see where this goes and what entails for the family.

Now that me and Toni finished Day of Fallen Night, it’s time for us to dive into another world of fantasy and we decided to start Mistborn Saga. We both have only 3 books in this series but we will get them as we progress in the series.

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I have heard about Kristi and Becca Richie author duo and seen their books around so often that I wanted to try their books for some time. I’m somewhat hesitant about the concept of sex addict and alcohol addict here, but I’m still curious to see if I enjoy the author’s writing style. I’m going into this with low expectation and hope it doesn’t turn out as disastrous as Pen Pal.

How to Win an Election sounds fun and interesting read for kids.

Posts Published

Review and Discussion: A Day of Fallen Night by Samantha Shannon

Looking back at 7 Years of Book Blogging, A Gratifying Journey

Pen Pal by J.T. Geissinger

Books Added to Shelf

NetGalley/Edelweiss  widgets I received from Berkeley & PRH International.

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What I Watched

I finally watched Toy Story 4 with my kid. Surprisingly, she managed to breeze through the entire movie series in just two weeks. It’s safe to say she thoroughly enjoyed them, given how she started pretend playing with her toys after each movie.

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